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sawtooth 10th July 2016 05:28 AM

Hi Richard,

What do you most use the Shapeshifter for?


RichardDevine 10th July 2016 05:37 PM

Hello, I use the shapeshifter for all sorts of different sounds, I have two here at my studio. I recently have been using it for chords, there are 64 user selectable chords, so its awesome for adding in pads or instant harmony to a patch. Some other uses is using it as a wavetable oscillator setting the sync function to random preset position (Sync Pulse Step). I like setting the start position to 2, then end position to 64, so it cycles through the entire 1024 bank of wavetables. Also love setting the decay setting down very small on any of the LFO wavetable models, its great for glitchy type percussion sounds. :-)

mt3 10th July 2016 06:28 PM

Loving those freejazz patches.

"First little jam using the Intellijel Metropolis sequencer into the Shapeshifter. Everything is clocked from the Metropolis "CLK"output. Pitch multiple outputs into the pitch input 1 on Shapeshifter. The gate outputs running into a clock input and chaos input on the MakeNoise Wogglebug. The random burst gate output is then taken out into the sync input on the Shapeshifter, in conjunction with another gate output (stack able cable) from the Metropolis sequencer. I was trying an experiment to see how the Shapeshifter would work as a wavetable indexing oscillator. I choose wavetables 2 through 64 and selected random sequence mode. The combination of both clock signals created a shifty like sequencing arrangement. The cluster sine based shepard tones are courtesy of the synthesis technology/motm e340 cloud generator. Sparkle dotted notes from one output from the MakeNoise DPO running into a optomix, then into a dash of reverb from the Space pedal. The low note drones coming from the Braids Mutable instrument running freely in low modulation setting FM model mode. Kick drum is from the Tiptop BD-808 module. The snare was created using output 2 from Shapeshifter going into another optomix with a super close decay time. White noise hi-hats created with steady state fate quantum rainbow running into one optomix. Kick, snare and high-hat pattern triggered by one Mutable Instruments Grids module."
(copy/paste from the Vimeo vid description)