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phutloose 16th February 2007 03:44 PM

Non techy question!
Hi Kevin

About 12 years ago when I was starting out engineering I did demos for a guy in Dublin who had been in a band called Hinterland. I think you went onto work with the guitar player as he played with Paula Cole and Donna Lewis.

Donal was constantly raving about your mixing, to a point that I was fed up hearing about how brilliant you are.

I was in Westland studios last week (which hasnt changed a bit) with another act and your name was mentioned again.

Do you get back to Ireland much? See the old haunts? Have you seen any recent Irish bands you'd like to work with?


Kevin Killen 21st February 2007 04:37 AM


I do go back to Dublin to visit family, but I have not tracked a project there since doing the soundtrack for The Commitments. I guess because the industry has undergone so many fundemental changes in the last 10 years, labels want to hire locally ( which i totally support) .

I am abig fan of Damian Rice and Brian Kennedy but I am a little out of touch with the newer artists.( Care to recommend any?)

As for that Guitar Player, the wonderfully talented Gerry Leonard, whom I use as much as possible still.