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dhughes 28th January 2004 09:45 PM

Speakers for 14' x 19' military simulation
Hey guys,

I'm doing the sound design for a VR simulation for military training and am trying to figure out what speakers I should buy for the installation space. I've got budget of about $6000 but some of that needs to go towards cabling and maybe even another audio card.

The speakers need to be small in stature. We have some shelves built into the set (disguised with mailboxes, power boxes, etc.) I've done some installations in the past with the now discontinued MAudio SP-5B. They were nice because of their size and cost but they don't sound all that great. MAudio now has a line of speakers that are similar to the SP-5Bs but they cost only cost around $160 for 3.

Anyway, since I've got a budget to support something nicer than the MAudios I thought I'd put the Slutz on the case and see what comes out.

The space is 14' x 19' (432cm x 580cm) and there is a 2/3 scale facade of a city square. I plan to run a 7.1 system on the lower level and a 4.0 system on the top.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


2leod 28th January 2004 10:07 PM

Have you looked at the Yamaha MSP 5's? They can be had for under 250 a piece...

mtsupiano 28th January 2004 10:41 PM

very impressive!!

Something loud and with some bass. You probably ought to make it as realistic as possible.

nlc201 28th January 2004 11:56 PM

I would say the choice of subwoofer would be crucial to the installation. A fair amount of the resources available might be dedicated to this and such, smaller and less "powerful" speakers might be used for the mains. Is there any dialogue in a center channel type of thing? If so, you may want to a little bit beefier on that as well. The Mackie stuff might be a good choice (I know......sacrilege to say that......) but it's pretty decent for the lower budget stuff.

MSP 5's rock. The Event monitor series is great bang for the buck as well. Do you plan on using all active speakers or having some passive ones in their as well? Passive obviously denotes the need for amps, but it may be easier than running power AND signal cables all over the place. I think Bose also makes an "outdoor" series of speakers meant for installation purposes that are pretty robust and sound decent as well.......

dhughes 29th January 2004 12:25 AM

The MSP5s sound like a definite possibility. I've never heard them before.

With the Mackies were you thinking something like the H624? That might push my budget a bit. Then again, I don't have to use the same speakers for the upper tier as do on the lower. So I could do 7 one way and 4 another.

I actually mix with the H624 in my home studio and am very used to them. I know them well, so they work for me. For this, however, they may be a bit bulky.

There will be a speaker used for radio communication. But right now I'm think that I'll just hack up a two way radio for that.

I use an Event 15" sub in an installation in one of our labs and have been very impressed with what you get for $500. Maybe one of those would work well with this set up.

We can use passive or active. Actually, we are in the third phase of this project and hitherto I have used little Infinity speakers with a 7.1 Pioneer Receiver. So I have some stuff left over that can be reused.

I really appreciate the input, guys. Let me know what else you got.

nlc201 29th January 2004 04:31 AM

Hey, if the MSP5's push your budget a bit, the MSP3's are pretty rockin' as well. A facility I work at has them at an editing station and they're pretty darn ballsy for such a small speaker! It might worth it to go the smaller route and add a bit to the subwoofer budget. I believe the MSP3s are about half the cost of the MSP5's......