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suspect1 23rd June 2016 09:15 AM

A short statement
Sorry just wanted to let it be known that due to the calming nature of 9:25 i am still here today, maybe it was the ingestion of psychoactive substances that got me thinking i was just a molecule thick floating on a plan on consciousness that stretched out into infinity but i like to think it was the music. However, you really knocked that buzz sideways when the whispering voices came in on 9:39 so thanks for that.

Mark P 23rd June 2016 08:30 PM

Cheers Suspect1, glad it helped in some way! Thanks for sharing that.

9:25 Was a originally a remix for Rns Records for Sun Electric, but we didn't use anything from the original and Renaat said well it's a nice track but its not really a remix so it ended up going on our album.

Some people assumed they we may have been "out of it" when we made some of that stuff, but i'm not sure i could have got anything done if that was the case, probably would have just sat there tweaking a synth filter for 8 hrs :) Probably quite a lot of fun at the time and then next day listen, what the hell is this!

Theres no doubt that some mad music was made when people were under the influence though.