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Emiliano 8th June 2016 06:14 PM

What is you choice Black Pearl vs. DPA4006A
Hey , what you choose between Black Pearl (Nordic Audio) and DPA . Speaking of sound and build quality,
Thanks to all, Greetings


Dot 9th June 2016 03:54 AM

The NA BP is a cardioid mic. The DPA 4006 is an omni mic. Are you sure you don't want to compare the BP with the omni DPA 4011?

What are you looking for in a mic? What do you record? What kind/s of acoustic spaces do you work in? What kind of preamps are you using?

Emiliano 13th June 2016 03:25 AM

Black Pearl or DPA 4006
Hi, Dot, I am wanting to invest in a pair of mic, I like the Nordic Audio BP, but I want to know if durable as mic due to construction. The DPA seem made to last. OH drums is a utility for live situations, and studio.
I recorded drums with DPA4006 with excellent sound. I do not have much information about the BP, if anyone can contribute something about it, thanks.