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JamieOxford 5th June 2016 07:04 PM

Solina String Ensemble - Expression Pedal? Also voicing issue?
Hello I'm trying to find some info on the Solina String Ensemble. I bought this recently and it works fine - I'm just wondering if anyone knows what type of expression pedal to use with it?

I did some research and someone suggested it has a "connection for a proprietary expression pedal. The pedal is of the type with a light bulb and a photo resistor. Don't connect a standard keyboard expression pedal for you might damage your ensemble by doing so."

The Schematic on page 7 shows an optical pedal with 20volt supply - someone online suggested this voltage came from the Solina itself so I'm weary of using a passive unit in case I blow some components!

Can anyone suggest where to find one of these or if they use another type of pedal with theirs? I guess it would be fairly easy to build one.. Also I assume this just controls the volume?

Lastly when I use the horn and trumpet voices together, the trumpet doesn't sound. Is that just a feature of the circuit design?


Kiwi 6th June 2016 04:56 AM

Expression pedals didn't arrive on the scene until the 1980's midi keyboards happened. Prior to that you had volume pedals, or swell pedals as they were often called, and the best ones used optical to avoid the scratchy pot problems. I would suggest that you simply get a volume pedal and use that. Morley made optical ones with leds. EHX makes a new one with an accelerometer that won't wear out. There are plenty of pot based ones.