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coppethall 4th June 2016 08:46 PM

Native Instruments Monark Versus U-HE ACE
After demoing a few analog-based software instruments, Native Instruments Monark and U-HE ACE both sound amazing.

ACE seems to be more versatile, as naturally, Monark is designed to do one thing particularly well.

My question is, can ACE do what Monark is doing?

rotundness 4th June 2016 11:16 PM

I have both and imo they are very different beasts. Ace can sound similar when just listening to the raw wave forms. Once you engage the filter it kind of takes on another sound. I would buy them both again but then I got really great deals.

ACE = More Voices, More Mod Options, Built in FX, Unison, Sequencer of Sorts etc...

Monark = Pretty damn close to the sound of a Minimoog with some nice extras...Preset Memory, Snapshots

I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I'm sure you could get close with ACE but I've never thought of ACE as Moog like and I have an Original Model D.

coppethall 5th June 2016 08:28 PM

Thanks for the advice.
Really helpful. Thank you.