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jpellegrino 9th February 2007 01:10 AM

Tube amps on plane!!!!

I'm changing home across the atlantic, and I'm bringing with me some old musicman amps and Klemt , they seem very fragil so I'm worried about the shippment, should I bring the tubes on my hand, or some foam, and big box will do it with a fragil sign??

thanks for some advice on this..


orksnork 9th February 2007 01:29 AM

hopefully the amps have road cases

i'd probably pop the tubes out and pack them extremely well, and ship them as fragile..

and also make sure that you've got insurance lined up on all this stuff

MattHahn 9th February 2007 01:20 PM

i would ship them very very well packed via UPS.thats insured and imo the safest way to ship gear.