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kjlog 8th February 2007 11:13 PM

Radar II (Exabyte backups) x-fers to Pro Tools HELP!
I have a session that was recorded on a Radar II system which was then backed up on to some Exabyte tapes ... I'm in the LA area and need to get this session transfered to Pro Tools ... Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

nobtwiddler 9th February 2007 03:34 AM

2 ways to get it done.
If the audio is still on the original (removable scusi) drive, and you can find anyone in your area with a Radar V with a DVD drive.
Then all you have to do is insert the original drive with all the audio on it, and, flatten the files,
(consolidate) and burn a copy onto a DVD using the Radar 'V"'s internal DVD drive...which then can be read by any DAW.

Or if someone has the old unit (with the exabyte drive) as well as a new version they can then do the above by reading the Exabytape tape first on the older machine, then uploading it to the new "V" machine and then make the transfer for you...