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Gregg Sartiano 8th February 2007 09:57 PM

Wolf Mastering?
I have a client who's at the end of his rope (i.e.: budget) on a full-album project -- I'm trying to get him into a major mastering house on the "indie/family" rate, but the artist is not able to swing the $$$.

He has turned me onto Wolf Mastering through a recommendation from a recently signed artist (whose record was originally mastered there and recently remastered at Sterling).

Any comments? I have never heard of Wolf Mastering (he's Nashville & I'm L.A., anyway...), and the rate quote the artist got is significantly lower than the A-list indie rates I encourage every serious artist I mix to save the point of arousing suspicion that the artist is gonna "get what he pays for."

Dammit. This is a really good record -- dare I say, "signable" (from musical, image, age, etc. standpoints) -- so I don't want it f&*ked up in the slightest -- not to mention that in L.A., I'd at least make a point of stopping by to ensure everything goes well.

Also, his gear list on the site is somewhat outmoded, but the artist was apparently told that the site hasn't been updated in a while.

Feel free to PM me any info if you'd rather not post on the topic.

Riccardo 9th February 2007 12:37 AM

I can't help as I have no info but try and post it in the mastering forum as well.....

danasti 9th February 2007 02:47 AM

I'd say the 5 years @ Bernie Grundman is very important. That's a plus, IMO.

Send him a single track to get a demostation of the quality.

vodka gimli 9th February 2007 02:58 AM

I was with Erik today for several hours, finishing up the project I am working on. It all sounds great to me. He's using the Sadie system, with various outboard analog gear.

Check the Delbert McClinton album he mastered. If you know Justin Niebank (engineered some of it) or Gary Nicholson (producer), maybe you can give one of them a call to see what they thought of it.

RCM - Ronan 9th February 2007 07:17 AM

I have no experience with Wolf mastering. Since you are in LA I would recomend that you give Stephen Marsh at Threshold Sound a call. He has mastered about 25 albums for me and the final bill has never been super high. His room is basically the old Sony mastering room moved to a new building.

Matt Hepworth 9th February 2007 07:42 AM

I really like Trevor Sadler from Mastermind Productions. He's not at all in your area, but does a great job - top class.

akai96 28th February 2013 12:07 AM

Eric Wolf.
I know this thread is old..but.. I used him recently.. he is great! Also..check out the website.. he masters alot of stuff for them..aka celldweller.