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MartinGoodwin 9th May 2016 12:42 PM

Workflow and habits
Hello Kink, Thanks for doing this ! You're an inspiration to us all.

I would like to know how you've been dealing with the habits of making music all theese years..

What is the biggest challenge you've overcome to keep pushing your music forward and stay productive and inspired ?

Did you find some personnal techniques to get to work and finish tunes in time or do you never think about it and stay away from struggle ?

Cheers, howdy

KiNK303 11th May 2016 01:41 PM

Hi Martin, thank you for your compliment!

Finishing tracks is still really hard and unpleasent for me, after so many years doing it. Inspiration is never a problem in my case, but developing a good idea into a finished product was always very hard for me. The only thing that makes me finishing material is deadlines! That was the case from the beginning. When i started to make music - i was just jamming (live). Well, i had only a computer and a mouse, so I would make one loop (1-2 bars) with all the elements and I would just edit the parameters with a mouse. I would record straight to cassette tape. That was 1998 - 1999. At some point a friend of mine, who was working in a radio station invited me to show my music to the world. That was the first time i decided actually to arrange something inside the software. Afterwards it was always projects with deadlines. Now my biggest problems are 1. the time, I`m touring a lot and the few days in a week, when I`m at home, i need to do some "office" stuff, to fix issues and upgrade my live set, there is pretty much no time to make music. If i find some - I`m distracted by a lot of the gear I buy, often there are problems too or i have to learn how to use a certain instruments. Still whats saves me is the deadlines. It`s not fun, but I get the job done. Now that I`ve learnt to work relatively fast (before it used to take me over a month to finish a track) I think if i have 1-2 free months, I can deliver a seious amout of good music. I guess the key word is discipline. A new gear will inspire you, but it wont help you to finish music. Work on your patience and focus :)

MartinGoodwin 14th May 2016 12:47 AM

Amen to that. Thanks a lot kfhkh