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Reptil 21st April 2016 08:38 PM

The business end of things: how to avoid pitfalls?
Hi Erol, I have another bunch of questions for you please?
How can beginning artists, producing or playing live (or DJ-ing) best setup the business end of things? Can you share your thoughts on what to do, to get the best possible deal, and what possible pitfalls can be avoided, when signing a contract?
Should artists go to a booking agency?

Thank you very much!

EROL_ALKAN 21st April 2016 08:45 PM

First thing first. Have a vision and work hard!

Once those things start happening, everything will fall into place, you create your own luck..

With deals, work with people who you feel genuinely believe in you, don't just sign for money, there are no rainbows once the ink dries, work twice as hard once you find the right people you trust... Agents can only work with what YOU offer, everything is in your hands.

Pitfalls. You can't really avoid them, just pick yourself up and learn from it. Failure should always be a prelude to success..Embrace it like a friend, rather then an enemy.

Good luck


Reptil 22nd April 2016 08:14 AM

Thank you very much :)