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Reptil 21st April 2016 08:10 PM

A few questions about DJ-ing
Hi Erol, I've never hear you play live in a room, hopefully that will happen someday. I have some questions please regarding DJ-ing after listening to some of your sets that are online. :)

You're mixing on the standard setup of Pioneers I noticed; what are your ideas of adding instruments on stage like a sampler? (maybe you've seen the announcement of a Pioneer sampler) What direction do you think DJ-ing is going, if you look at your own sets and those of others?

You've been on the scene for a long time, looking back, how did your set and your taste evolve? Maybe some anecdote you want to share? When and how did you decide to do this for a living? What got you hooked on dance music?

I enjoyed hearing varied tracks like those from Avalon Emerson, Bruce but also nasty acid and jacking tracks like "Foundations", and some classics like "What time is Love" (KLF) that work amazingly well in a big room. You cover a lot of range! Can you tell a bit more about how you put your sets together? For instance, do you match melodic content (in key)?

Thanks again for your time and energy doing this Q&A!

EROL_ALKAN 21st April 2016 08:47 PM


I leave instruments in the studio, never felt that the sound coming from a record needed more.. Maybe some sound fx or onboard fx but thats it....

I like to make sure my sets flow, and that they take people for a trip.. I do use the Camelot wheel to mix records, but I also try things that clash to see how interesting it can be.. These things should be used to invite chance, but you should not be shackled to them!

Reptil 22nd April 2016 08:26 AM

Thanks for the tip. I use a circle of fifths when building an arrangement, but never tried that Camelot Wheel for mixing.