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cgregg9020 7th April 2016 07:42 PM

Reamping Issues...
Ok so, I'm getting an unreasonable hum/buz out of my GENZ BENZ el diablo 100 (set at 16 ohms for the matching genze benze 2x12 cab) when I it feed my DI guitar signal from protools.

Im coming out of an output on my Focusrite Saffire Line 6 USB interface with a speaker cable, feeding the quarter inch cable into the input on my LiveWire Direct box (model SPDI) and then coming out of the XLR output on the direct box using an adapter to plug into the input on my GENZ head.

There is a crazy buzz even when there is no signal coming out of protools. When I play the track through it does come out sounding nice, but I'm scared that buz means something terrible is wrong and I don't want to push it...

I've tried plugging the amp into the same socket as the interface, no change. I tried lifting the ground switch on my DI box, it cuts the hum down to about half dB but it's still terrible and nothing like the hum from just being on with nothing plugged in.

Any suggestions help!!!

JayTee4303 8th April 2016 05:08 AM

Not my strongest area, so wait for confirm from others, but...

Over here, the DI's XLR feed carries a low impedance, line level variant of the guitar signal INTO the DAW, and when reversing the process, the Reamp device, (Torpedo Reload) provides a high impedance variant of the DAW's line out, to the guitar amp input.

raggedman 12th April 2016 02:23 AM

A speaker cable you say?

Have you tried using a line cable, or instrument cable?

Edit: I see don't actually have a reamp box...that's the key

macleod 12th April 2016 02:53 PM

you need a reamp box to match the level and impedance of the signal coming out your interface ( and use a line level cable at that stage )

computer-> line level cable -> reampbox -> amp -> speaker cable -> cab

Guglielmino 12th April 2016 03:03 PM

I use a Radial JDI Stereo. The signal chain is; Interface out > input (instrument cable) XLR Female to XLR Female > instrument output > Pedals > Amp.
So, you should use TWO DIs to reproduce this setup, or a stereo one.
ZERO Noise
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Hope this helps

Jazzcrisis 12th April 2016 05:43 PM

All you need to do is turn the DI box around. So, the XLR side is receiving the output of your interface, and the 1/4 side is going to your amp input. Now, this isn't ideal, but it'll be better than how you're doing it now. In the future, grab a proper reamp box.