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GrandMasterStorm 6th April 2016 08:07 PM

Fabriclive compilation
Hello Erol

First i want to say, that's i'm a big fan of your production as the produser and as the dj for a long time, much love from the faraway Russia. So here is my question. As i understand In your Fabriclive compilation you've used a lot of additional synths tracks and efx's over original mixed tracks? Isn't it ? If it is,tell my please which technic you've used out there? I mean how did you mixed it, processed, which synths have been used etc. Honestly i was very happy with this compilation :cool:

EROL_ALKAN 9th April 2016 01:57 PM

Hey! Yes, I added my Cat Octave synth to link some sections together, it helped some of the transitions....

I think I used my trident fleximix pre amps to get the fullest tone I could, then just jammed across the tracks till I hit upon something nice!