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rmj 31st March 2016 05:22 PM

to begin at the beginning...
can you give us some wild and crazy anecdotes regarding collaborations with boys noize? studio hijinx, creative process, fistfights?

and on that note, do you find artists you work with now more willing to go with somewhat left-field ideas after success? do you have to fight for your point of view to be heard?

been a couple years, but currently have your re-edit of romantic rights playing at full volume. still evokes such attitude!

EROL_ALKAN 1st April 2016 08:53 PM

Thanks! I still like that remix, its 11 years old now.. :/

It was always great fun with Alex. He's really smart and a lot of fun to work with. My main memory was after finishing Lemonade we were a bit unsure if we should release it, as it felt too over the top.. We were perhaps going to release it another name we used, Dance Area...

It wasn't till that same night that after I played it (in a back to back set with Xavier from Justice) and we both witnessing the crowd reaction that we decided to put it out on our own names. Even then we stuck it as the B side!