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transsylvan 28th March 2016 09:59 AM

Neumann M582 with M71, N57 PSU, cables.
Hi Dear Fellas,

I've been offered the configuration above. Capsule is in NOS condition, PSU is rebuilt by Mr. Groesser. Seems to be a very nice setup. What would be a fair price to be paid for this configuration?


Mro 28th March 2016 10:17 PM

A simple answer would go like this :)
Good prices for those would be:
a bit below 500 euro for the capsule, below 300 euro for M582 and below 200 for the PSU. You can find them for around that much on ebay if you're patient. The thing is, unless the seller lives close to your location, you won't be able to check them before buying. Also you can't be sure they won't be damaged during shipping (especially the capsule is very fragile). So if you have a chance to check them before buying and the set would cost you a bit more go for it anyway.
Is a converter included to the mic body or can the M71 work with M582? I always thought they only work with SDC (like M62 or M58) and M71s with MV690/1/2. I have a UM70 which is a multipattern M71. I use it with MV692. It's one of my favourite mics. I can imagine that with a tube body it can be even smoother. Good luck with your purchase!