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mutilatedlip 21st March 2016 11:31 AM

Hi Erol

I'm loving the output of your Phantasy label, and the work you do.

I've been a massive electronic music fan since back in the early nineties, and it's always interested me to see the electronic acts with longevity are those who seem to absorb and wear their more traditional band influences on their sleeves.

After a seeming drought of the best part of a decade, I personally see a direct comparison with the stuff you're outputting (thinking straight away of the Ghost Culture/Daniel Avery albums in particular), and the heavy hitting classic dance albums of the early to mid nineties (Dubnobass.../In Sides/Dig Your Own Hole/Screamadelica etc.) in terms of both grandeur, and production/sounds.

What kind of influences got you into making music, and keep you excited to keep doing so today?

EROL_ALKAN 21st March 2016 10:32 PM

You've hit the nail on the head.. My influences are deeper rooted in alternative culture than dance music, many of my musical awakenings are centred around seeing bands in the early to mid 90s rather then Djs. I hope I rarely play dance records which don't have a certain spirit to them, I certainly try to look in as many places as possible to find the ones which hit the spot.. And I guess that when I make or work on records I look to replicate that element within them.. I've always felt its down to how much I believe a record..

Another thing is that I always judge a record on how it feels rather than how it sounds. I know this sounds really stupidly obvious but there are so many records which sound great but leave you empty, and (this is why I am saying this on a producer led forum) as a producer its really *really* easy to judge music on sound and miss the point. I've been in situations when engineers or producers slag off a hi hat EQ and it feels like they are missing the point. Some of my favourite records sound like **** on a technical level.

mutilatedlip 22nd March 2016 09:33 AM

Really appreciate the response. It certainly shows. That 'spirit' is what makes great electronic records for me.

There's a certain darkness in the sound and productions I hear in the Phantasy stuff I've not heard for a long time in dance music. < moderator message - edited >