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dandeurloo 18th March 2016 03:49 AM

RIP Dennis Dreadstone (Kidvybes )
I am sorry to report that Dennis Dreadstone (Kidvybes ) passed away today. Here is what his sister said on facebook today.

"Today my brother Dennis passed from this world peacefully surrounded only by love. I know so many of you have prayed and sent positive energy. Your posts meant so much. Please share your memories of him and remember his endless creativity and imagination and, of course, his sense of humor. Give thanks and bless."

Susan Stone Floss

For any of you who knew Dennis, you know he was a great guy who loved Audio and Music. He was a great contributor here and in other places. He recently got sick and it didn't take long for it to catch up with him. Hug the ones you love!

Twenty Staxx 18th March 2016 04:22 AM

Wow! I am truly speechless. I can't even begin to express my gratitude for the information regarding microphones he so patiently bestowed upon me. His honesty was second to none. A true gentleman...he will sorely be missed. My condolences to his family.

R.I.P. Kidvybes

ChaseUTB 18th March 2016 04:47 AM

Wow @ kidvybes always gave honest feedback regarding mics IMO. He def will be missed regarding the diy mic scene, especially with his penchant for always going a step or two further with builds and tweaks. This is sad to hear and condolences to his family and friends. He always used to joke about his Gap in his front teeth, especially doing VO files testing mics/ capsules. May he rest in audio peace and forever be surrounded by new mic builds. Oh yeah and again he is the sole person for making the warbler mics known and available not to mention the many other products he always gave props too. RIP Dennis @ kidvybes " peachhyingyang

JanZoo 18th March 2016 04:47 AM

Oh man I'm so sad, even though I just knew him barely threw gearslutz reading his posts and speaking to him few times about mics... Rest In Peace !

MYN 18th March 2016 05:03 AM

He was extremely helpful and always generous with his experience and knowledge. It's a lesser world without him.

edva 18th March 2016 05:04 AM

Sadly missed. Condolences.

Ragan 18th March 2016 05:12 AM

Oh no. No idea what to say. Such a nice and genuinely helpful guy.

What a shame. Damn.

Squawk 18th March 2016 05:42 AM

Oh, that's so sad. Condolenses to his family.

Dpro 18th March 2016 05:43 AM

Wow, he gave so much here with all the info on Mics. It will be different without him always testing out Mics and giving recommendations based off it. R.I.P. Dennis your contributions will be so missed.

celticrogues 18th March 2016 05:52 AM

Oh my gosh. I am completely in shock and incredibly sad about this. Kidvybes we love you and miss you and this board will not be the same without you.


adamj31 18th March 2016 06:01 AM

Wow. So sad to hear this.

Vintageidiot 18th March 2016 07:08 AM

I spoke to Kidvibes at length by phone not too long ago. He said he was sick at a later date when I asked to call him again to further discuss the mic merchants. So very sad. Rest In Peace my good man....

Drumsound 18th March 2016 07:37 AM

I'm sorry to hear this. He was quite a knowledgeable cat, and quite happy to help pass along what he knew.

cavern 18th March 2016 07:43 AM

Yeah he was a cool dude and knew his stuff. He straightened me out on a few pieces of gear.

zeljkom 18th March 2016 08:36 AM

Oh no. Can't believe it. Rest in peace my man. :(

psycho_monkey 18th March 2016 09:08 AM

Always sad to lose a forum member; RIP and thank you for your contributions @ kidvybes

heva 18th March 2016 09:19 AM

Incredible, just recently exhanged some PM's with him.
Very sad to see such a great knowledgebase to the "low end theory" leaving.

Karloff70 18th March 2016 09:47 AM

Oh no! I didn't know Dennis apart from on here, but he will be missed indeed. Condolences to his family.

legato 18th March 2016 10:28 AM

Terrible news, indeed.

He was my favorite fellow slut.

Condolences to his loved ones.

jampa 18th March 2016 12:05 PM

This is very sad. My thoughts go out to his family. I think he was quite a positive force.

metatron13 18th March 2016 12:28 PM

You will be missed Dennis!!! Safe Travels to You and Yours!!!

Mr Funk 18th March 2016 12:47 PM

I had no idea he was sick, or I would have sent him a message for sure.

I don't think Ive ever felt so sad hearing of the passing of someone I didn't really know. Honestly, he was one of the reasons I read stuff on GS so much. I will miss his contribution and just knowing he was in the world, as he seemed a genuine soul. I can only imagine how his family and friends must be feeling if I, a practical stranger feels the loss as profoundly as I do.

A sad day. Bless hi.

nmrecording 18th March 2016 01:05 PM

This is quite upsetting to see him pass. Feel like I somewhat knew him without ever meeting.

Rest in peace Kidvybes.

Wellso74 18th March 2016 01:15 PM

RIP Dennis thank you

SoundEng1 18th March 2016 01:17 PM

Oh Wow! My condolences to his family, R.I.P Kidvybes.

Wheelomatic 18th March 2016 01:21 PM

One of the most informed and generous Slutz when it came to mics. All the best to his family and rest in peace, Kid. Sad day for all Slutz.

TurboJets 18th March 2016 01:47 PM

My deepest condolences to his family. Dennis will be missed here for sure. He was always so generous with sharing his knowledge and experience, always in a positive way.

I will miss his presence here. Rest in peace Dennis!

Stel 18th March 2016 01:48 PM

I always enjoyed and appreciated his posts. His opinion was always held in high regard. He will be missed.

Whitecat 18th March 2016 01:49 PM

Awful news. Rest in peace @ kidvybes - and condolences to his family and friends. :(

Sniperschool 18th March 2016 01:56 PM

Very sad to hear this news. RIP peace Dennis