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dtucker 31st January 2007 06:36 PM

Blockhead vs. Germino
Can anyone here give an opinion on how these two Marshall clones stack up against the real thing and against each other?

Curious the hear thoughts from those who own or have used them...

tradarama 1st February 2007 03:21 AM

They are both good amps....honestly depend upon the cab you're using
Not sure of the type of tone you're trying to get. I prefer the Germino because I think it sounds more natural. Both are good though. There are many many amps in that category. You live in NYC right...go to Ultrasound and rent some time. THey have a ton of amps.

Tibbon 3rd February 2007 02:07 AM

I'd give both a try. I've had my hands on 2 or 3 Germino amps, and they did the trick quite well, even when put beside some "real" Marshall amps (including a vintage plexi, and some others).

+1 for me that Greg Germino's place is about a 40 minute drive from here for any repairs.

dualtone 13th February 2007 09:04 PM

I use the Blockhead JTM 45 reissue and the 18 watt combo and theyr'e both really fantastic. They seem to sound good with almost any speakers (?!).

Tibbon 14th February 2007 07:16 PM

Greg wasn't interesting in making anything less than a 50watt amp last time I checked (citing that everyone and their brother is making lower watt amps). However he often does put half power switches on them.

84K 22nd February 2007 01:34 AM

I own (2) Blockheads. The First Born and the Van Halen replica 50w.

I own (2) Germionos. A Lead 55 and a Classic 45.

Greg Germino is a good friend of mine. I have never met someone so commited to anything in my life. He cares so much about getting it right that it is scary. They both make great amps, and Germino is constantly trying to up the barre. He is a class act, but there is nothing shabby about the Blockheads either. Its whatever you are looking for. Honestly. They both RAWK! :deth:

DRC 23rd February 2007 03:42 AM

I dont own either of these amps but I have played through the Blockhead. I know for a fact Id get one of these before I got a Marshall reissue. Amazing. I havent heard the Germano but I have heard another "Plexi" sytle amp that torn my head off and it was a Bacino.

I dont recall the model numbers on these two but Id check them out if thats what you are after.