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PTB 12th February 2016 09:08 PM

Jam Sessions

Your jam sessions are abduction! Can you walk us through one?

Maybe # 1 or # 12 but anyone you wish will do...


< moderator note: arrangement? (chord progression?) sounddesign? >

Wic 14th February 2016 01:07 PM

Thanx again PTB!

Let's take Jam 1:

This is a quite simple setup. The only thing you don't see is in this videoshot is the akai MPC (lying on my left).
The MPC has two different sequences. One for the main bassline, en the other for the variation bassline (from 1.29 sec). The Jomox is midi synced to the MPC (only for kick and snare).

Then you have the modular DotCom system. It has 3 VCO's en 2 filters.
The midi from the MPC (for the bassline) is going to the build-in midi-cvgate converter at the back of the DotCom system. That controls two VCO's. The 3th VCO is only gate controlled (16e notes). The pitch of that vco I control manually with the frequency knob (2.37 sec you can see me tuning the high notes). The bassline vco's and the jomox drums are merged together to a LP filter on the system. The 3th vco is going to the other filter, and after that route to the roland space echo.

So I have two mono channels

1 - Jomox kick/snare and the bassline (merged). During the jam I'm controlling the filter and the env
2 - VCO 3. I'm controlling the pitch, the filter, env and the tape delay.

Then I can choose between the two sequences on my MPC.

Thats basically it.

Maxod 16th February 2016 08:40 PM

ludoWic jam 18
ludoWic jam‬ 18 kfhkh