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Deleted User 27th January 2016 06:58 PM

Recording your hardware
Hi Robert,

I would be interested how your workflow is, when you are recording your hardware, specially when you do your classic acid style. Are you multitracking while jamming with your gear or are you concentrating on each synth and record them one by one? Do you record them processed or dry and process the different tracks afterwards? Are you still using your old gear like 909, 101, 303, ms20 or did you replace them? If you still use your old gear, how do you handle timing problems like start in delays or jitter?

Best regards

RobAcid 27th January 2016 09:23 PM

if i do the classic acid style, then i work the classic way.... so i play everything live thru a mixer, the sounds that need compressin, get them thru a insertcabel. rest ist played live on the board.... also the EFX.

then i just record the master channel...

PTB 27th January 2016 10:03 PM

This is great because you really capture the essence/emotion of the music through you being in the moment however, how many takes do you typically go through before you are happy with the end result? Surely doing everything live and recording only the master output vs. individual parts requires everything to be done spot on in 1 go.