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Toadfish 27th January 2016 12:36 PM

Advanced Audio Microphones CM87
After reading fantastic feedback for Advanced Audio across various threads on this forum, I contacted AA looking for advice. I was looking for a condenser mic to cover me on male rap vocals, and AA recommended the CM87 to me.

I can only account for male rap vocals and some less-aggressive bebop type stuff, but this microphone sounds absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure it will sound great on instruments/female vocals too, but, as yet, I haven't personally tried it.

I run the CM87 through a Neve-inspired pre-amp and Warm Audio's WA76 compressor and the vocals land in my DAW sounding as though they barely need any mixing.

Previously, when using my dynamic mics (which I still love), I was having a difficult time recording one of the vocalists I work with on a regular basis who had a particularly resonance-heavy voice. Now I record his vocals via the CM87 and the problem is completely solved. I was jumping for joy after I did that first test recording, haha.

I'm so grateful to the guys at AA for pointing me in the CM87's direction. Being the cynic that I am, when I asked for advice I presumed they would recommend the most expensive product to me, but I was proved completely wrong; this mic is actually one of their cheapest offerings (after dealing with my local Digital Village store, which has since closed, I got used to being recommended the most expensive products, rather than the most effect - AA's honesty is very refreshing).

Working with this mic is a treat every time. I highly recommend it to anyone in the market looking for a LDC for male vocals.

I'll be back for more mics from Advanced Audio as and when I need them. Fantastic company and products.

Deleted 658776a 14th March 2019 01:38 AM

I wouldn't know how it compares to a proper U87 on vocals apart from things I've heard recorded, I have a fairly harsh growly style rap vocal and my voice sounds nice on this, the natural EQ is near perfect for me, just the lower mud needs mixing out, as always. It's a nice clean up front but 3D sound, mine is paired with a BAE 1073, and I use the RME ADI-2 pro FS converter, there was always a harshness in my recordings I thought came from the mic til I got the converter, now I'm amazed by it.
I had this mic before the great pre-amp and converter so never truly got to hear the full quality of this mic, even with the pre-amp I was not getting the sound I want, it was between a new mic, pre-amp or converter to get next (I was using the RME Babyface Pro before), I'm so glad I chose the converter because everything else turned out to be great