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jamespark 26th January 2016 10:07 PM

Dreadbox Effects & Synthesizers Erebus
This is a a whole lot of synth for very little cost. Two oscillators, ADSR envelope, LFO, VCF, & VCA. It also has an echo effect! Another nice feature is its ability to be paraphonic. Plenty of routing options are available via MIDI and CV which you can also use as a MIDI/CV conversion gateway. This is a great unit which covers all the basics of analog synthesis. Just detune the two oscillators and then...

The CV options are great gateway for people who are just starting to learn about modular routing as well as being very usable for those already familiar with and own modular systems. I've connected a Moog Werkstatt-01 to the Erebus via audio input and CV to create a combined three oscillator analog synth whose sound is much greater than the sum of its parts. I've also connected the Erebus to my DAW via MIDI which also allows me to control the Werkstatt-01 via MIDI as well because of the MIDI/CV routing of the Erebus.

The Erebus pretty much all of the features you would want in a two oscillator analog synth. Even so, what matters most is how it sounds. Happily, the Erebus sounds great! Very smooth when you want it to and buzzy when you start turning the knobs to their extremes. Dreadbox did a great job tuning the sound of this synth. Best of all, it's very inexpensive for the features and quality you get. I paid $435 USD from Perfect Circuit Audio which I think is a great bargain.

The Erebus makes a great first analog synth, a first synth with CV as a gateway to modular/eurorack, or a great addition to your synth collection. It had just the right price/performance ratio for this to be an unquestioned and obvious addition to my studio.