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tellermotion 19th January 2016 12:14 AM

tweaking on a mix
Hi Robert,

I have improved my mixes a lot since I reuse and sample my own sounds more and also since I am more organized. Still when finishing a mix I have to tweak around a lot, I have to listen to the mix the next day, sometimes later, with fresh ears, until it is right.

Do you also have to visit a mix several times or days and invest such a lot time until a track is finished? Or any magic trick to make it easier? :)

Thanks and peace yingyang

RobAcid 27th January 2016 04:51 PM

most of the times i finish a track during one day, and only come back if i find something really annoying.

i have to magic tricks....

1. let your track play, and go to the toilet, and sit down and listen !!!
you can learn a lot about your balance from far away....

2. when everything is mostly ready , try listen as silent as possible.... turn down the volume of your speaker...

the elements that really stick out, are most of the times to loud.