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rockinrocker 20th January 2007 09:35 PM

Fireface 800 vs. Echo Audiofire 12
Greetings Slutz'ers, long time listener first time caller.....howdy

So I know this is a little bit of apples vs. oranges, but bear with me here....

I'm mainly wondering how just the D/A conversion of these two units compare.
Since all I'm looking to do is have an interface for stand alone preamps (a rack of sca's, a hamptone, maybe a rnp or p-solo, stuff along those lines), i don't need the bells and whistles that the fireface has, so naturally I'm leaning towards the cheaper unit. that extra cash would come in handy....
but i haven't been able to find much info from echo users, versus the fireface which seems to have a very well established reputation. plus, echo seems like a much smaller company, which in theory isn't a problem, but down the road.... who knows.

also, any opinions on how the pre's in the fireface compare to some of the stand alones that i mentioned? nice? usable? the pres would really be the only thing that just the fireface has that i would possibly use.

thanks for any input.....


llatsni 7th March 2007 01:23 PM

EDIT: found my answer here:

I too would like to know if it would be worth putting the difference in price between the audiofire and the fireface toward more high-end pre's???

i.e. would the final quality be better if I was to get an audiofire12 and some focusrite pres instead of a fireface800????
Are the convertors & drivers close enough?