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cryptokoan 19th November 2015 01:34 AM

rme adi2 into mbp optical
Hey yall,

I am running some preamps through a peavey valvex summing tube mixer, into an rme adi 2 using the optical in and out on my macbook pro.

from what I have read and tested myself, I am pretty sure I can't use the adi2's clock going into the macbook pro.

Audio sounds good though, and generally free of pops and clicks while using ableton live at 96Khz/24bit and i'm assuming using the mbp sound card.

My question

is there any worthwhile/inexpensive/sonically beneficial way for me to use the adi2's clock and go into my mbp firewire port. Will a cheap interface that converts spdif to firewire add any negative effects to my chain?

side note...both my usb ports are broken..

any help?

cryptokoan 20th November 2015 11:48 PM


msmucr 21st November 2015 02:33 AM

It doesn't make sense to me to puchase it now.. FW is being phased out and purchase of such interface is just asking for compatibility issues in the future.
First I would either get USB ports fixed somewhere in Apple service center (it can be motherboard replacement, but it will be most probably still cheaper than new MB) or wait with possible interface purchase for your future and fully working computer.

Anyway, you could try to set the computer clock source to external.. I believe, it is located somewhere in the Audio-MIDI setup in OS X and the set ADI-2 to master.. (click through different modes using clock button at its front panel until you will be at required 44.1 or 48k, possibly also DS for 88.2/96k modes). Maybe you'll manage to get it working that way.