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Zajebca 17th November 2015 08:04 AM

Music and More (MaM) MB33 Retro
"Limited edition" of MB33 synth in small desktop format.
Comes in cardboard box with small sticker on it saying it's a synth.
Chasis is made from metal so despite small size it gives you a good feeling on the table.
Knobs move smoothly and without any additional resistance.
There is also a audio input to use the filter of MB33 Retro with outboard sounds.
Nice feature is a knob instead switch to select wave of VCO.

If you dont have TB303 or cannot afford it this is nice piece of gear that clone its, not perfectly but you can do acid with it. :)

For as low as 140€ its a great bang for a buck.

synthcoyote 9th March 2019 10:43 PM

This is an interesting little bass synth: a clone of the TB-303 circuit design, but done with modern surface mount components and without the sequencer. The metal chassis and construction are solid, but I don't love having to power it with an external transformer. It has a 1/4" VCF input jack, an output jack, a MIDI in (full-sized DIN!) and the aforementioned wall wart's power input. No power switch.

No presets, all knobs

Sound is great. I haven't owned a real TB-303, but I love that this thing can make a huge range of 303-type sounds, including really dirty overdriven stuff. In fact, you can dial in more overdrive if that's the kind of sound you like, though I keep mine dialed down so I can do a mix of sounds.

I was able to purchase mine new for €139 on eBay. All in all a great value in a very specialized little synth.