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mamcdonald 17th January 2007 06:36 AM

Live sound through surround sound?
Would it be a BAD idea to try and run brain-crushing vocals, face-melting guitar amps, and bowel-shaking bass cabs through my Bose Acoustimass system? I've got a full 6.1 surround system that happens to be in the same room as where my band likes to practice. I'm trying to exercise every possible option before upgrading our "PA". I know this is generally a recording thread but there has to be someone that knows a little bit about sound reinforcement. Any help appreciated.

PoorGlory 17th January 2007 01:20 PM

You will destroy your Bose system. Imagine mics getting unplugged resulting in pops, feedback, explosive vocal sounds.... Home theater gear is not meant to recieve pro audio levels.

There is a reason pro audio gear is not home theater gear.

I think Bose sounds like shit as well. I used to install that overpriced crap.

nathanvacha 17th January 2007 03:54 PM

Probably the defining factor of pro audio equipment, more than any other features, is the fact that they are sturdy, solid, durable, and reliabale. This will be the downfall of home stereo equipment, not sound quality. Maybe not even volume.

Also, you don't want 5 speakers all around the room pointing somewhere in the middle 'cause you're gonna squeal like crazy. best-case scenario, one speaker will always be aimed at at least the vocal mic.