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M2E 20th October 2015 01:10 PM

RTAS & AudioSuite Don't Match?
Hey guys,

I know I'm a little late on this issue or maybe nobody knows but,
was testing the theory of using Audiosuite in Pro Tools for some plugins instead of RTAS. Thought I would save on some cpu and life would be grand.

Well, this is my first test so, don't slap me but, since I like the sound of the VTM, I figured I'd start with that first.

I created 2 tracks with the same audio and put one RTAS plugin of VTM on it and one, I processed with the Audiosuite version.
I then aligned the 2 after processing the Audiosuite one and they did not phase out after putting a trim one both and flipping the phase.

Am'I missing something?
I'll try it on other plugins to see if it does cancel out and just maybe it's the VTM with issues.abduction
Anybody else went further with this?