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Clem_Sevenn 16th October 2015 05:47 AM

What gear are you thinking about selling next, and why?
Thought I'd try something a little different. What gear do you have that just isn't working for you? Or is it something that works great but you'd like the money for something else?

Hopefully this won't turn into a product bashing thread.. peachh Or sales spam (please don't post sales links).

Ok I'll start.

I have an MPC1000 that I plan to unload as soon as I can find the time to give all the buttons a once over. I got it in a fit of gas a while back, but found that the workflow just wasn't wasn't for me. Attempting to learn finger drumming was a horrendous experience that I hope to never repeat. Now it just sits in a box, lonely and unloved.

Barfunkel 16th October 2015 05:54 AM

I have the bare minimum of gear, so I can't really sell anything, if I want to keep making music.

chrisso 16th October 2015 05:58 AM

I generally keep my buying and selling to a minimum.

abruzzi 16th October 2015 06:24 AM

Yeah, I only have like 20 synths, how am I expected to make music with 19?

Seriously, last year I sold my FS1R. I did like it, but never did much with it. When I saw the crazy prices, I sold it to fund other things.

Currently, I don't have anything I want to get rid of, but I would like to convert some keys to racks. Top of the list is turning the ESQ-1 into an ESQ-m. I'd also consider turning the K5000S into an R, but I'm not sold on getting rid of it. Oddly enough I'm also considering turning my EX5R into keys if I can find a nice EX5, and make some space for it.

Cat Rancher 16th October 2015 06:41 AM

I'm in the middle of a bit of a "moment" with electronic music in general--I'm realizing that I don't have any great talent for composition, and that I find the culture surrounding it actively repellent. Part of me wants to turn everything into eurorack modules and bleep and fart my way off into the sunset. Or sell that too, and focus on playing other people's compositions on classical guitar.

More on topic though, I'm probably going to sell my MPC2kxl. I just like my s1100 more, and when I'm sequencing I'm sequencing in the box lately.

Feinstrom 16th October 2015 07:08 AM

I am currently thinking of selling two rather rare beasts, just because they are big and clunky, and their sonic value for me is limited at the moment.
The Farfisa Polychrome is sitting here, waiting to use its choir sound, and the Kurzweil 150 also has only one sound that I really love.
So I'll probably use both instruments in a track in the near future, try to make some usable samples for the Fusion and say good-bye.
The next thing on the list is my spare Fusion 8HD; I don't really need a spare one.
And as soon as I've purchased the Refaces CP and YC, I'm going to sell my Orla DE-49 (two of them - one's a spare as well) and my P50-m, because they will be redundant then - but I'll listen to the CP samples in both the Yamahas to find out the better one.

Oh, and I accidentally ordered two Meeblip Anodes (the white one), so one of them is going to a friend, but that doesn't really count, does it?


zerocrossing 16th October 2015 07:09 AM

For some time now (as you all probably know and are sick of) I've G.A.S.ed for "the right" digital or hybrid hardware synth, but nothing has worked. I didn't dig the Snow's filters. I've got my KingKORG and Prophet 12 for sale now because I just don't have room for keyboards any longer (long story about an extended house guest), though I like their sound.

I might just try to make a Prophet 12 module fit, but I've got to fit it all on a single desk so my "perfect" form would be a 2u rack of some sort. I've G.A.S.ed for a Modulus .002 for a long time now and the rack would be perfect, and actually it was my intention that when I got the 12 I'd later get the rack when it was available and choose between them. However, now I'm hearing the .002's got some weird limitations. I also sort of re-discovered the Sonic Core platform and it's starting to look like it might be a perfect answer to my problems. Small, flexible and sounds wonderful.

Serpentine 16th October 2015 07:21 AM

I think I'll sell my 808 soon, it's cool but I don't use it enough so it should go to someone who is going to put it to work.

Paradigm X 16th October 2015 09:08 AM

im a terrible hoarder, got a load of stuff that either needs fixing prior to selling, or isnt worth that much, so may as well keep. especially fx units

im just about to sell a roland sde330 delay, would keep but for space, and the politics of being seen to sell something! also got a dynacord vrs23 to sell, dont really want to but got an srs56 as well, which are pretty similar.

i also want to sell my roland sbf325 flanger, its all recapped and sounding mint, but one input needs checking. ive got a dynacord tam21 flanger which is much better imo.

i also need to get my sh09 fixed, waiting for some tech time. seems quite redundant now ive ordered a dominion1...


Arcadia 16th October 2015 09:16 AM

Have been thinking to sell my SH-2 since I've got a Pro-One and now a Slim Phatty, but then I always switch it on and find something I really like about it that the others can't do like amazing OSC fine detune, Model D sound, sub Osc. etc.

Fay Smearing 16th October 2015 10:14 AM

Maybe the Plugiator.

I bought it new a while back for $110 (this is in Australia, no less), and figured the for the price there was little to lose. It was left at a friend's place while I had a lot of unplanned travel and a dismantle/move happening, and I haven't picked it back up yet. But without connecting to the PC for programming and checking for any firmware updates, I wasn't really moved by a short run through what comes in the box, and worse was a glaring note-on delay to the order of something like 300ms or more, unless the Ensoniq VFX I was driving it with was to blame.

I might USB it up to the PC when I'm set up in the new place, but with a mint Virus C, the VFX, and possibly a new MoXF 6 soon as the central keys to a small home setup (since recently unloading a Motif ES6 and Kawai K5000S) I don't know if it'll make a good enough case for itself until I dig in with the editing software.

It should be easy to sell, given how cheap it was new, and that it is still in the box with all of an hour or so use, but then for what I'd get back, it might make a good dedicated vocoder or a useful complement to the Motif, incorporated as a relatively simple monotimbral appendage that offers some VA and other different flavours. But again, the Virus does a lot of that, so I'll have to wait and see what emanates.

The VFX is a sentimental favourite, and once I fix the known keyboard calibration error issue it's about as pristine as you'll find any one-owner synth of its vintage. I was happy enough to move the Kawai and older Motif on, but the VFX stayed, in part due to needing the keyboard fix, so when things are set up again it may go on the market as well, but the poly aftertouch and the overall character make a strong case for keeping it around compared to the not-much cash it would likely sell for.

The Washburn Bantam Bass - an 80s Steinberger headless look-alike might also go soon. It's a quite respectable little bass in its own right, but the tiny rectangular body doesn't lend itself to playing while sitting, which is the common usage at home. That may mean another bass in its place, because they're such a useful and enjoyable thing in a small home setup. Possibly even an acoustic/semi acoustic model, and maybe better still would be with a MIDI pickup as well.

The Seymour Duncan 84-40 Tube guitar amp retrofitted with Mesa Boogie valves and 2 x 10" Celestions is a bit sentimental, but there's more useful gear around now that's affordable and doesn't need to be cranked as loud to really start working some magic. Then again, just sitting and looking at the glowing valves is almost worth the price. That's another one to wait and see once I'm set up here. But also, an easy solution to somewhat help the sought tone/volume level matter is simply to plug in a single smaller speaker.

The Levinson Blade stays.

To summarise, things still up for consideration to sell after the de-clutter that came with the first house move in 15 years are the Plugiator, VFX, Headless Bass and Tube amp.

I also just recently dug out the Korg G4 "Rotary Speaker Simulator" pedalboard that I had more or less forgotten about, so that might go as well.

The loose plan is to slim down on the keys, which tended to accumulate over the years, and come back to one or two keybeds (again, the VFX would handily cover the aftertouch duties that the MoXF 6 keyboard wouldn't, as well as being useful as a second row of keys), a desktop synth or two, a bass and the guitar, mixer, monitors and PC. A smaller MIDI drum pad unit would round off the whole deal nicely, so passing on some of the keyboards I've already shifted in exchange for some input devices/instruments, to save space and to help fund a renovation that offers a more versatile setup makes a lot of sense to me right now.

As does the prospect of finally being done with trying to sell music gear, which is something I've loathed and put off for years, based on past experience, but which is now closer to finally being over since I was running the classifieds gauntlet anyway with getting rid of household stuff before the move.

blizt 16th October 2015 01:13 PM

Recently sold my Korg ER-1 because I was not using it anymore and there wasnt a single sound I couldnt reproduce with my modular. Now I'm thinking to sell the MFB 522 because I'm on the verge to order a Tanzbar so I dont see point in having both units.

Coorec 16th October 2015 01:29 PM

My ADAM Sub 8 because my neighbour doesnt like it. :(

phaces6 16th October 2015 01:54 PM

Depends on the day sometimes everything!

Seriously it's probably my shadow hills dual vandergragh. I like it on most things vocals bus, drums, mix bus, just sitting quietly in my rack staring at me with those big knobs. while I love it as glue a lot of the time and haven't found a software compressor that gives me the same feeling (and I have a lot) I feel like it's just not flexible enough.

Rooftree 16th October 2015 03:45 PM

I've been trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible this year. Here's what's going next.

MPC1000 -- Bought it hoping to make it the center hub of my setup. Got discouraged since it had a steeper learning curve than I had hoped. I'm not saying it was difficult to use. I just discovered that I need something amazingly simple.

FR Mobius -- Was going to use it with my CS-30 and CS-15. They're both gone now, so the Mobius needs to go too.

ARP Odyssey (vintage) -- Sounds great, looks great, but it's just too big for my little setup. I'll replace it with a Sub 37

Kenton Pro 2000 -- Was going to use this with the Odyssey, but I got tired of all the cables. Now that the Oddy is on the way out, the Kenton needs to follow.

Korg 01W Pro X -- This beast was my main keyboard since I bought it new in 1993. I've finally upgraded to a Kurzweil PC3X and I finally have great pianos and EPs! I already miss a few sounds from the 01W (it's in the basement), but I'll get by.

Juno-60 -- It's been on loan to a friend for the past couple of years. Now that I have a Prophet 6 my analog poly needs are covered. There were only a few things about the Juno-60 that I loved, and the Prophet 6 can cover that territory well enough. Bye, bye Juno!

System-1 -- This will have to go away when I get around to buying a Sub 37. I might replace it with a Mother 32.

astraeus000 16th October 2015 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by Feinstrom (Post 11410492)
I am currently thinking of selling two rather rare beasts, just because they are big and clunky, and their sonic value for me is limited at the moment.
The Farfisa Polychrome is sitting here, waiting to use its choir sound, and the Kurzweil 150 also has only one sound that I really love.
So I'll probably use both instruments in a track in the near future, try to make some usable samples for the Fusion and say good-bye.
The next thing on the list is my spare Fusion 8HD; I don't really need a spare one.
And as soon as I've purchased the Refaces CP and YC, I'm going to sell my Orla DE-49 (two of them - one's a spare as well) and my P50-m, because they will be redundant then - but I'll listen to the CP samples in both the Yamahas to find out the better one.

Oh, and I accidentally ordered two Meeblip Anodes (the white one), so one of them is going to a friend, but that doesn't really count, does it?


Oh man, if you sample those Polychrome choirs into your Fusion please share or sell me copies of your Fusion folders pleeeeeeeeze. :)

kslight 16th October 2015 04:34 PM

When my JX3P w PG200 returns from 2 year loan in LA w my business partner next month, that's most likely going out the door along with all of my (4) ASR10s and their associated SCSI bits and disks and computer, and my Emu E4K and its SCSI bits.... The sampler **** has been sitting here too long and I never have time to really use it...and well the JX3P I haven't needed in 2 years I bet I won't need it in 2 more either.

Part of me would really like to also dump my tape machines, which I do use in spurts, and get a nicer/smaller/not old interface...but I'm still too weak to let that stuff go I think.

plaid_emu 16th October 2015 04:42 PM

Since I just bought a new Korg Taktile 49 controller I was going to sell my old bare bones Studiologic CMK-149. Thing is, it's not even worth the money and hassle to sell so I'm gifting it to a friend who doesn't have a real keyboard. He's been using his alphanumeric keyboard as an input device, along with his electronic drum kit in Logic. He has an audio interface that doesn't have MIDI i/o so I'm also going to throw in an old Midiman 1x1 to use with it.

The Taktile controller came with a huge bundle of free software including the complete Korg Legacy Collection. Since I already have the M1 and Wavestation (which are the only ones I'm really interested in) I figured I'd pass this along to him. Problem is, I'm not sure if I'll be able to register the hardware without also registering the software too. Anyone know the answer to this? I suppose I could just let him register both and take care of any problems should they arise.

I bought a nice Samson S•Patch Plus patchbay last year. Thing is... I barely ever use it. Everything is plugged and flows right to the audio interface but I just don't find myself experimenting with it much. I really should before selling it. I just hate all the cables though.

Hollowman9 16th October 2015 05:08 PM

Soon I'll be offloading the following. ...

Kawai K3
Casio VZ -1
Bit One

This will be after obtaining the rack versions of same. I still use each thoroughly but want to reduce the number of keyboard instruments I own.

shreddoggie 16th October 2015 05:08 PM

Interestingly with all the 'must have vintage' frenzy I look at my 909 and Juno 106 and wonder if they might be better as cash than dust collectors. I love them both but honestly I am all about NEW and they certainly are not. The Virus is much more fun for polyphonic work and the Analog RYTM does much more than the 909 (including making me scratch my head and think Huh what the...?). With the prices these babies are fetching these days it seems like sitting on them and using them occasionally is silly. Thinking of DIN sync being a thing of the past (it is) is appealing. Sell 909 & 106 and buy Prophet 6? Tempting.

NEXUS-6 16th October 2015 05:24 PM

Thinking of selling my Gibson Les Paul Custom.
I'v got seven electric's taking up space & I do like it but the neck is a lil too fat for my liking.
Also have a pair of QSC k12's & a Genelec 7060B sub that I cant use in my Apt. mezed neighbors complaining..Too much bass!!:lol:

Also been thinking of selling my Waldorf Q keyboard Im attached to because I have had it for so long now but last year I picked up a ruby Q+ so now it seems kind of redundant.

& then theres my Andromeda!!! It may go on the chopping block if I end up liking the Modal 008 better..

Deleted User 16th October 2015 05:29 PM

Life Lesson: If you play guitar for 25 years and never improve (or even enjoy it,) then you don't need to own a Fender Jaguar.

On to eBay it went, where it will hopefully sell in time to pay for a Moog Mother-32 preorder!

mbvoxx 16th October 2015 05:40 PM

about 30 guitars, a dozen or so mics, some old rack gear that was retired and two motorcycles.
just don't use them much and could use the add'l space for elbow room
still on the fence about keeping or selling my VT7

UnderTow 16th October 2015 05:40 PM

If I could be bothered to make the effort... all my outboard gear. So far I haven't managed to gather the energy...

That said, the comment about the FS1R prices made me curious. I only see one on Ebay and I think I paid half that much new! Might be time to unlazy myself...


clusterchord 16th October 2015 06:03 PM

im in the various stages of deciding to sell the following,,

elektron AK - dont like the wimpy sound. like the sequencer and cv stuff.
nord modular - dont like editing on the computer, and having to remember what pot does what if using it live. love the sound, its the best iteration of nord sound for me. late 90s gritt. so musical and punchy/sexy.

xpander - have to many polyphonics. i hardly ever use it. but it sounds wonderful. smoooth, warm.. unique tone. so far i am just toying with the idea. about fifty fifty btwn yay or nay.

got too many distortion/fuzz and phaser pedals. about 5-6 of each, and i really need maybe 2 - 3 of each.

got a brand new pedal distribution from MXR that i never use. its never more than one or two pedals at a time,, and i always grab the small roland or boss PSA adapters on hand. so a waste really..

few euro modules that are great, but not needed in my setup as it is now. unplanned surplus.

nil hartman 16th October 2015 06:27 PM

I'm about to put my mint Elektron A4 for sell in GS classifieds. It's a great piece of kit, but I've never really gelled with it, especially with its enveloppes (still can't understand why though).

I realized some weeks ago that I'm really happy ITB, basically using Diva and Bazille (know both like the back of my hand), sequencing it all with Numerology, and I'm pretty sure a Roli Rise would make total sense in my set-up/workflow. Selling the A4 will fund purchasing a Rise.

Also, I've been forced to move several times the last few months (and will probably move to a new city in a not so distant future), and came to the conclusion that I feel much more serene with the least belongings possible. Even when it comes to music making, even in my plugin folder...

3rdpath 16th October 2015 06:28 PM

very soon, these are heading out the door. i just don't use them...i would rather them be out in the world making music.

Virus TI2 desktop
Roland D-50 with cards
Yamaha Dx7s
Yamaha AN200
Novation Zero SL mkII

enossified 16th October 2015 06:34 PM

What goes next is a tossup between my Blofeld, my Beatstep (original) and Arturia and M-Audio keyboard controllers. All were impulse buys, I should have known better.

Bald Eagle 16th October 2015 06:34 PM

A kidney to fund my next purchase.

Kid_Afid 16th October 2015 07:46 PM

Selling my Studio Electronics SE-1. Bought a mother-32 and I don't need 2 mono synths right now.