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8070 27th September 2015 08:22 PM

Getting the sound of a record

I'm a huge fan of many of the records you've worked on. Thank you so much for all the great music!

When you're tracking a record, do you use the equipment(compression, eq, etc) to get the bed tracks sounding more or less like the 'record', from the very start? I'm speaking in terms of 'committing' per say, to significant compression/limiting and eq during the tracking stage. Or do you leave more of that stuff for mixing..

Thanks a lot and cheers!

DaveJerden 28th September 2015 04:42 PM

When recording drums I commit from the start any compression or EQ I am using. That being said, I try to cut drums as flat as I can however I do EQ the kick and snare . I hi pass the overheads
at around 80hz to keep out any unwanted low end.(by the way , there is a lot of good low frequencies in the cymbals) . what I do in the recording is take the drum sound "half way there" to the
mix sound. I am not afraid of committing sounds generally . When recording I have the finished "sound" in mind . My whole production technique is focused on the final mix. I have that luxury
since I always end up mixing what I record.