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MrBeasty 26th September 2015 06:15 AM

Anthrax - Sound Of White Noise
Thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A.

Anthrax's Sound Of White Noise is one my favorite records and in particular the extra thick guitar tone. It sounds like many, many layered-guitars, yet the note definition is not lost.

Could describe the process of crafting the guitar sound of this record?

Thank you,


DaveJerden 27th September 2015 10:12 PM

I recorded the guitars on Sound of White Noise the same why I did the Alice in Chains 'Dirt' album. If you check the message board on recording guitars for Dirt I lay out the three amp set up.
One reason Anthrax hired me was because they wanted the same guitar sound on Dirt. One thing i did not mention in my post on Gearslutz when i explained my three amp setup was that when
all six rhythm tracks (basics and doubles ) are recorded when mixing I hard pan them hard left and hard right . Just to agin list the amps used; Low-Bogner fish preamp/VHT amp/Marshall Cab
with Vox bulldog speakers-mid amp/ Bogner ecstasy/ hi amp/ Rockman pocket amp direct- I split the guitar signal to all three amps through a Lucas Deceiver guitar amp splitter made by Terry
Manning ( ZZTop engineer) and hand made by Terry. I miked the Low and mid amps with a Shure SM57 and the Rockman I took direct injection. As far as the lead guitars ,we used my 1988
Marshall 100/50 watt convertible Super Lead amp (with 6L6 tubes not EL34 ) modified with an extra pre amp stage (and made 100/50 watt convertible ) by Mike Moran. This amp ( besides the
Bognor Fish pre amp) are my favorite amps. By the way , Bogner custom built and modified the Fish and Ecstasy to sound as "brown " as possible. When recording I compressed all the guitars.
We used Summit compressors. I record guitars flat with no EQ as not to introduce Phase problems. There are two main problems when recording multiple amps at the same time. One is phase
from clashing frequencies . I explain in another post how I set up "crossover" points with an SSL's hi pass lo pass filters so each amp has its "territory" to work. If these hi pass/ lo pass crossover points are not set up then the danger is just creating "mud" for a sound. The other problem with multiple amps and phase is due due to the compliance of the speakers being different.
All speakers are not pushing and pulling at exactly the same rate . I adjust for this by ear by positioning the mics . (By the way Little Labs makes a phase compensator now for this very problem).
When positioning the mics I use headphones and slightly move the mic on one of the two amps ( remember the high end amp is direct) until all three amps sound 'locked in'. What I am primarily
listening for is the overall low end. Phasing problems are apparent in the lack of low end and a less than 'solid sound'.

DaveJerden 27th September 2015 10:35 PM

By the way, I use Celestion 25 watt 'Greanback' speakers in my Bogner Ecstasy cabinet. And the reason I like using Shure Sm7's is because besides being able to handle the SPL level a Marshall
Amp puts out I like the phase ports on the side whereas i can adjust the angle of the mic to the speaker for a 'creamy' sound . I place the mic right on the speaker grill half way from the edge of
the cone and the center. The closer to the center of the cone the tone gets brighter. I always use headphones when placing the mic and adjusting the angle of the mic. Sometimes I also use a Fet
47 in front of the cab along with the 57 . I did not use a 47 on the Anthrax or AIC multiple Amp setups as to keep the phase problems in check.

MrBeasty 28th September 2015 04:04 AM

Thank you for this very instructive answers!

I have couple more, if I may: do you mix all three sources before they hit tape or do you record all three separately and save your blending for the final mix?

Could you talk a bit more about your choice of the Rockman? Those are not known to sound fantastic by themselves and (although this was the early '90s) were not a common choice anymore. Also, do you have a preference in which Rockman version you use?

Thank you so very much!