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OpusOfTrolls 22nd September 2015 11:41 PM

Vocal production of Americana album
The vocals production quality on this album are excellent. Can you offer advice on how to mix vocals like this? In particular the sibilance and chorusing/DTing, it's so clear and cutting, thanks.

DaveJerden 23rd September 2015 01:59 PM

I get most the sound in the recording. I used a Neumann M49 with a Summit compressor. I mix at a moderate level (85dbSPL) to place the vocals in the track. I did use EFX in the mix.
Harmonizer3000/delay/480 reverb

OpusOfTrolls 25th September 2015 07:51 AM

Thanks. How do you calibrate your SPL levels, via K-system or something else?

DaveJerden 25th September 2015 12:47 PM

I use an SPL meter.

SuchyRNRStudio 27th September 2015 09:20 AM

Hi Dave, what type of effects did you use from Eventide? Thanx

OpusOfTrolls 27th September 2015 11:10 AM

Sorry I don't think I get it.. you mean (while mixing) the vocal track peaks at 85dB SPL, or is that the SPL at some level on a VU meter?

DaveJerden 30th September 2015 06:49 AM

I use an SPL meter to listen to the whole tracks's volume. The meter sits on the board and I use one in my iPhone (SPL App).As far as the Eventide Harmonizer 3000 effect I used I chorus/flange
panned left and right (just slightly)