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Stitch333 10th September 2015 08:27 PM

Early Jane's Addiction and Alice in Chains recordings...
Hello Mr. Jerden,

I have read accounts of the early Jane's Addiction and Alice in Chains sessions,
and specific gear used. There was a lot of talk of lots of use of early Summit equipment like M210 micpres and TLA100 comps.

Can you speak of the studio-gear selection, and process on those records?

Possibly what spaces-studios and what gear you have found recently
that sounds good to you?



DaveJerden 20th September 2015 09:07 PM

The Summit gear was not used until AIC Dirt album. The pre amps were API clones on that album. As far as the gear used for the Jane's Addiction albums (and AIC Facelift) I used the equipment
at Eldorado, Capitol records and London Bridge . Normally I use ( or like to use ) Neve 1073 pre amps that to me sound fat and warm . For compressors the Summit gear are outstanding.
My favorite compressors are 1176's and LA-2A's. for vocals I use a Telefunkin U73b that is an off shoot of the U23 . They call the U73b the German Fairchild. All those records were mixed on
a 4000 SSL.

DaveJerden 20th September 2015 09:09 PM

Oh, I forgot to mention Dirt was tracked a One on One studio,the same studio Metallica's "Black" album was done.

AMIEL 20th September 2015 11:22 PM

"Just Because" for me is just an amazing song from any point of view,
There is a great energy and intensity shaped my the sound of the recording and mix.

This song was an is a huge reference to me as a middle bridge for modern Rock.

Please Mr Jerden, can you tell some info about the Drums, Vocals and guitars during the Mix? gear, concepts etc.

Thanks!!!!! kfhkh