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bgood 26th August 2015 07:02 AM

Digimax vs replacement
Current setup:

2 digimax fs's into rme digiface.

I used the digimax fs because of the adat ins and flexible routing... I don't use the preamps, only the inserts on the back.. Also use the audio outs to route to my outboard stuff. So, it's setup like a big ol patch bay without me having to plug any patch cables. I just use effect sends from my daw to send itb program into the outboard and then back into the box from the outboard into one of the audio inserts on the digimaxes. I use the spdif out on the rme to a presonus monitor station for monitors/headphones.

I'm only recording one channel at a time... Vocals, gtr... Keyboard...

So the digimax fs was discontinued and subsequent models don't have the plethora of outputs and inputs... However, I worry -- as its my nature -- that once these units start to break down I'll be f'd.

So, what's a good new production multi channel converter that I can look into to replace the digimax units?