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owenD202 11th August 2015 06:54 PM

Roland Sound Canvas SC-55
Using this is easy and I keep it around for being so small yet having one of the nicest TR-808 drum sets for such a low price. I heard about this from LegoWelt and when he mentioned the 808 sounds I knew it would be right for me, I needed something I could stuff in a rack of gear and forget about but have a nice raw and clean set of 808 drums at hand to play from my TR-626 or MMT-8 easily and trouble free. Good drums but the rest of the sound set is just ingredients for the most basic of things, horns, pads, synth leads, pianos, the typical digital age of quantity over quality. I can still use these all, making an almost cheesy tune then mangle it with filters and FX that can afterwards be sampled and reworked into a clever rhythm or remix the likes of which youd think you heard before but cant place it yet. Good stuff here, on the cheap. Not so cheap on ebay but cheap from average guy sellers or people who forgot they even had one of these.

Update - had a chance to sequence this with the TR-626 and using all seven accent settings available it is great to settle the 808 drums into a busy pattern that's got a lot of feel and subtle nuances inside of it. I don't know the velocities but the 626 has -3, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2, 3 accent, per step, per drum so there are a lot of variations available but still keep some good rhythmic feel in the music having set levels vs a computer doing all sorts of velocities that are not duplicated at any step.