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Terry McInturff 3rd August 2015 03:56 PM

Can you help me rack my Olympic Studio's Raindirk III strips PLEASE?
Hello all,

First, more thanks than can be expressed for your input!

I have two modules from one of the three Raindirk Series III desks used at Olympic 1974-1985-ish. Cyril Jones @ Raindirk has confirmed the provenance. I'd gladly send them to him for re-capping/racking but alas not in budget.

I have aprox 2/3rds of the schematic including all the pinouts identified.

It's a project well within my skills if only I can be instructed as to the basics of racking these.

The modules require:
+/- 18v
+ 12v
+48v phantom

And so I need to know an affordable way to power the two modules. DIY PSU kit?

I am afraid I need the most basic instructions. Obviously I want to eliminate the bussing and aux sends. I need to be able to use the mic pre, the mic/line ins, the insert, the EQ, and to wire an unused pot to act as the output control.

The pinouts show send/return from "Olympic EQ" (the Helios units)..dont know what to do

Where does the signal leave the circuit going to the mic output and line output?

I need basic help. Many thanks in advance!!!!!

Bramley 2nd September 2015 07:09 PM

Terry, I replied also on Group DIY:

Recently racked a pair of these. You'll need to power the logic circuit if you want to use line in as well as mic in . I used a 12v wall wart for the logic and a "Power One" +/- 15 V supply for audio. For phantom it's cheaper to buy a Nady or similar external unit. POWER ONE PSU

BTW if your modules have the dual switchable presence range ( second freq band marked in orange ,) they are called version 2 and are later than the original Olympic Series III s - there are a few pin out & circuit differences. If you can ID them as version 1 or 2 I can send you schematics. You can use line in as EQ in, just need to jumper the insert points on the connectors.

I found these connectors on eBay and dremeled to fit. 5pc Industrial Card Edge Slot Socket Connector 34X2P 68P 2 54mm 0 1" 3A RoHS | eBay

G-Sun 6th September 2015 08:56 PM

I'd prefer all psu in one box.
JLM Powerstation will do the job I guess
JLM Audio Shop
+ pwrXformer + box