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countrymetalguy 18th July 2015 10:16 PM

Your work with Ronnie James Dio
Hello Ross,
Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge with us! As a huge fan of Dio, can you tell us a little about your recording experiences on the making of Sacred Heart, and about the guitar amps and gear used to make that amazing sounding album.

BoogieMotel 19th July 2015 11:36 PM

this was a lifetime ago so details are blurry ..
way back when we weren't thinking that 30 some odd years later some one would care what the heck we were doing .. haha
Viv Campbell was the guitarist and an incredible one at that
back in those days the only real game was Marshalls ... and the Marshall of choice for rock in the early 80's was a JCM 800
and maybe lower gain JCM's for stuff and the odd Vox AC30
I did have a great Hi Watt and Sound City that was used on stuff back in that period of time but details like i said are blurry
what I can share is that Ronnie was an incredible person and singer
and an amazing cook
he made a baddass spaghetti gravy for us in a big pot (those of us from NY call spaghetti sauce ..gravy)
he cooked almost everyday for us and would occasionally be called into the vocal booth by Angelo Acuri his producer for a vocal and he would go in
all 5'4" of him in his cooking apron to sing something insanely badass ..still wearing his apron with sauce splatters on it
not very rock and roll for imagery but that was Ronnie James
He had no airs and was so down to earth
i loved that guy .. he was the real deal

KamandaSD 20th July 2015 03:20 PM

Any further insight on how you would handle the 800? In terms of micing, volume, etc?

heyman 21st July 2015 04:39 PM


Originally Posted by KamandaSD (Post 11202089)
Any further insight on how you would handle the 800? In terms of micing, volume, etc?

Yes, please...!