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DSA 29th June 2015 10:02 PM

Finished another GSSL Recently
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And i'd like to show the world! I didn't get a chance to show off the first one cause it went into operation almost immediately after I finished it. Here some photos of the second one!

Such nice clean compression. Even when you pump it, it is still fairly transparent tonally. I'm looking to adapt the sidechain VCA circuitry for use in another project im working on.

Turbo works great on drum kits. It focusses the compression on the difference between the L and R leg, ie anything wider in the stereo image. This really helps kick and snare cut through a drum group. This mimics the original 4400 unit closer than the GSSL sidechain setup. The GSSL sidechain looks at the things panned down the middle, so the signals that are the same in L and R. Makes for good compression on bass guitars I find!

Specs: HERE

Build Diary: HERE