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Docmaklang 3rd May 2015 03:12 PM

Midas M32, DAW Controller
Hi there,
I'm planning to buy a small digital desk for making monitor mixes.
M32 is the favorite at this time.

Has somebody experience with the DAW controller in it?

The qestion is: What happens with the Master fader and the first 16 faders? Can I still use them to use the M32 when in DAW controll mode?


DrHans 3rd May 2015 05:55 PM

Yes you can.

Docmaklang 3rd May 2015 08:57 PM


Squawk 4th May 2015 08:25 AM

That's correct. You can also assign the buttons and encoders (mainly jog wheel) for transport functions as well. It currently works with MCU or HUI mode, but they may eventually have an OSC solution, which would be cool to open it up to using all faders for daw control. I currently own an M32 but am selling as Eucon is better suited to my particular workflow for controlling analog levels on an SSL Sigma.

Keep in mind that the M32 is currently limited to 48k as well if that's an issue for your workflow.