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OlofBerggren 28th April 2015 10:55 AM

Heritage Audio 6673
So where do I begin... I been on a hunt for the classic Neve sound for years. Have tried almost every clone out there and was never satisfied. Finally I took the plunge and bought two BAE 1073-500 and it felt like the hunt was over, thou the reviews of Heritage Audio started to overgrow the BAE I traded in my BAE modules for two Heritage 6673 in their 2-slot 80series PSU.

Sound quality:
Man I´m in heaven! Just passing some tracks from my daw as HW inserts was nothing but pure joy! A tad more hairy sound compared to the other brands and the classic hint of that euphoric sound! Then we get to the most fun to use EQ out there! Super musical frequency points and rock solid bottom end.

Ease of use:
What more can I say? It won´t be easier that this to use.

Like Frankensteins monster this 1066/1073 combination is a match made in heaven! Finally I can boost 10khz bell and remove 240hz! No need to mix things anymore. And the now center dented gain knobs on every eqband makes it very easy and fun to recall/make sure that you can go back to 0+-db

Almost forgot to mention the build quality of this thing, all stepped pots need some force to be moved! Thick klonky sounds while changing frequencies... Just makes me smile!

Bang for buck:
Could not be more pleased than Im right now! I feel more confident now knowing that I can trust the gear and it both looks and sound great!

The only downside to this is that it makes the rest of my equipment to look cheap :facepalm:

mfic 16th October 2017 04:17 PM

Outstanding variation on the 1073/1066. Sound is closest to my particular old Neve 1073 of any of the new clones I've personally tried (AMS Neve, Vintech, BAE). Having the extra 1066 band is excellent. Makes the eq way more useful than an actual 1073 in my opinion. You can use all the sweet boosts of the 1066 band and still cut 360 etc.

A great box for the cost. My only wish is they could add a deluxe model with a Q switch a la 1084/1081. Also I'd rather have a low cut filter at 160 instead of 300 but that's a minor gripe. A rackmount version would be cool as I'm now out of space in my Neve racks.

Highly recommend. I bought another after using the first for a while. A complement to a 1073 or 1066 if you already have one.