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Presonus Studio One V3 Professional (ESD); Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW); straightforward single window operation; project page allows for integrated mastering, DDP export, Red Book CD burning and online publication; unlimited number of audio, instrument and effect channels as well as busses; arranger track with scratch pads; straight drag and drop functionality; content browser with musical search options and integrated player; audio engine with internal 64bit floating point processing; real-time time-stretching, resampling and normalizing; single and multitrack comping and editable folder tracks; transient detection with editable markers; drag-and-drop groove extraction; event-based effects; macro toolbar allows to create and use command sequences; delivered with ARA integrated Celemony Melodyne Essentials 4; Multi Instruments allows to combine different VST instruments and define keyzones, arpeggiator etc.; contained virtual instruments: Presence XT with 14 GB library and support for third-party sample libraries, Mai Tai, Mojito, Impact, SampleOne; 37 effect plugins for instance guitar amps, tape delay, autofilter, Fat Channel, modulation effects, dynamics, reverb etc.; four Note FX; large library containing loops and samples; SoundCloud export and import; supports multitouch monitors; supported audio formats: WAVE, AIFF, FLAC, MP3; supported plugin formats: VST2/VST3/AU


Reaper 5 or Studio ONE 3

I won't comment on CPU load, but you're talking nonsense regarding stability... Studio One 3 pro... Rock solid. Workflow is amazing... It's a proper professional platform....

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Post your Low End Mixes (Official - other threads will be removed!)

...aren't even on... I don't even... Will buy a new pair in a few weeks. Mic. MXL Gold 35 DAW: Presonus Studio One Pro 3 Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 On his main vocal, I used FabFilter Pro-Q 2, NI VC 2A, Waves Center, Voxengo Old School Verb and Ambience by Smart Electronix. For his doubles, I used...

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Venturing into Outboard Preamps

For that budget you could get a Warm Audio ToneBeast (api)... and any number of neve clones... go used and you can get those two and a UA610 and you’d have bout every flavor you’ll ever need

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