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The FIREstation is designed to be the heart of your digital recording studio. You can plug in microphones, instruments and external preamps into the analog inputs while monitoring them in real time without latency. Any mLAN compatible keyboard such as the Yamaha Motif or Korg Triton Studio can be seamlessly patched into the FireWire ports of the FIREstation to send audio and MIDI information to your computer. FireWire is quickly becoming the new standard in computer recording. The Presonus FIREstation solves many of the problems associated with recording into a computer while delivering uncompromising audio quality and world class features that put it ahead of any interface in it's class. In the FIREstation, the major problems associated with computer recording are solved:

  • Easy interface into the computer without having to install additional PCI cards
  • Bidirectional audio, MIDI and word sync information – together on a single FireWire bus
  • Zero-latency monitoring of recording sources while overdubbing
  • Accepts multiple formats of analog and digital inputs and outputs: balanced/unbalanced analog, ADAT, and S/PDIF
  • May be used as a stand-alone A/D and D/A converter as well as an 8x2 analog line mixer
  • Dual-Path preamps provide a tube or solid state audio path to give maximum tonal flexibility
  • Built in 1x1 MIDI port to interface keyboards or other MIDI devices
  • Compatible with Yamaha mLAN
  • Mac and PC compatible; ships with ASIO drivers for use with today's hottest audio software
  • The FIREstation is a computer recording interface that provides connection to the recording software environment via a high-speed FireWire™ connection. FireWire™, the ultimate data transfer protocol, solves the problem of having to use an internal recording interface sound card or large cables connecting to a recording interface. The benefits of FireWire™ and the IEEE1394 standard are many, including: hundreds of channels of digital audio and MIDI on one network, easy connection of additional interfaces between products, master clock control bus that precludes the need for Word Clock distribution.
  • Stand Alone Mode


Using a presonus Firestation for "tube-ness grit". Or a doorstop.

Remember the Presonus Firestation, the product that simply didn't work for nearly everyone? Well I missed the upgrade path and still have one unused since new. It has two tube pre-amps on it which I was wondering if I should patch into a couple of sends from my desk and use them to route VSTi's...

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Presonus Bans People For Speaking The Truth....

I gave up on Presonus back with the Firestation debacle. That was back in 2002. I tend to hold a grudge. gooof

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Tony Faulkner tries out some new Rode prototypes

...RF problems to date, even when recording between the local hospital and police station. I seem to recall the firestation was close by too. I have to say, I don't want any either!

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