"Either" (deep dubstep track)
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"Either" (deep dubstep track)

What's up guys? I'm back with another track. Just sit back, put on your headphones or turn up your subs and let the soundscapes of an airy choir and reverberated arpeggio wash over you and take you on a journey into your mind.. or onto the dance floor... Either one.

and forgive me for that cheesy introduction to the song haha
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Bump? Looking for any kind of feedback, mostly constructive criticism. Thanks in advance!
Old 9th March 2013
Bass is nice, but your perc needs more attention effect wise, more subtle reverb, panning, etc. Its all in the details. Kick is a bit weak for my taste also... generally you need to work on your balances a bit more.

I'm not really into dub step, but when I think of deep dubstep I like stuff like this, amazing production... deepness.

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First off, thank you for taking the time to listen.

I know what you mean about the percussion. It's a huge part of the track and I know that my drums are just a little too repetitive. The only thing I guess I'm confused about is what you mean by working on my balances. Do you mean how the actual levels are balanced with each other in the percussion or something else that I'm missing completely? haha. And once again, thanks for taking the time out to listen.
Old 10th March 2013
By balance I mean the main synth line that comes in is a little loud imo. Then with the perc, things like the shaker need reverb (lots I'd say), pan out some of the other perc also make it wider. The bass though nice also might be a db or two too loud. Did you listen to the one I linked, his mix is excellent, see how he uses the reverb to create space. By having some perc dry and others soaked in reverb/delay. Contrast.

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