Album in the making
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Album in the making

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Lives for gear

ok, only got up to two tracks so far but it's ddddddddope, as will iam might say, only thing i didn't like were choir samples in chainsaw alice....cheesy. Am on track 3 now, interesting.......very cinematic. I'm at track 5 now, lillies and bullets....i'm personally feeling like I am missing some sort of vocal presence....but that's just me....don't listen to a lot of instrumental albums. i like the arrangement ideas, only problem is that as here in lillies and bullets and a little elsewhere, samples sound a little cheesy, trumpet sample here don't sound that great. Like a lot of melodic and harmonic ideas. but I'm at track 6 now and getting a little bored......ok you've pulled me back in with the piano interlude in flesh and stone......nice. Again in the next track there are some lovely keyboard interludes....which kind of do give you're music some individual character aside from the dubstep influences. At track 7 now, like that dre-ish piano intro going into............a dubstep-ish bass. yes this track doesn't seem to develop much. Going to finish here.
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