Two simple loops - Some very simple-minded house music
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Two simple loops - Some very simple-minded house music

Really, really basic stuff, but I hope you can dig it.

S900 is doing three sounds: kick, snare, and a little bongo loop. The hats are attached to the kick and snare samples. I like to sample my drum hits with some evidence of the song they came from, because all those rhythms playing against each other make for a really groovy feel.

The S-760 has a few sounds in it that I use to build the two main loops of the two separate 'songs.' I'm using the filter settings on the quick edit page to do the sweeps.

The DP/4 is just on its trusty phaser-to-DDL preset. I don't have the cables (or the money to buy them right now) to expand my setup and do anything fun with my effects right now, so the DP/4 is basically there to add width to my tunes.
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