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This post should serve as a little guide to the resources available on-line on the topic of audio levels in different media. It...

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audionuma 1 week ago
Avatar for Brent_in_Sydney

It seems like we get questions about how to mix for film/tv a lot in here, funny that. The most common misunderstanding I see is...

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Pantone 7th August 2019
Avatar for charles maynes

perhaps this could be a sticky- I have noticed on a number of threads here that there is some inconstant usage of terms...

charles maynes
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saemola 15th August 2016
Avatar for lgabor

Hi Guys, I just started to setup pro tools for 7.1.2 Atmos mixing...I had setup up the interface and the routing and...

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lgabor 2 hours ago
Avatar for Oruam Moss

Hey bros ! Here's the thing. I am having struggles with my kicks, when I hear a track of mine it sounds good with the low end...

Oruam Moss
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NReichman 2 hours ago
Avatar for Tonisevero

Dear Colleagues, I really wanted to make like a poll so everybody can vote but this is my first thread so I am new to this. I...

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apple-q 3 hours ago
Avatar for Allegretto

Is it possible to apply EQ to another effect before it is being applied to the audio signal? I was wondering because if I want...

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Keministi 3 hours ago
Avatar for NoctemAudio

I'm looking to buy my first sfx library that would cover most of the general sfx I would need. Basic stuff plus extras. Right now...

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Avatar for SDDP
SDDP 4 hours ago
Avatar for dr.sound

I have been part of the Beta team on an Amazing New Dolby Atmos Capable Immersive Reverb : LiquidSonics Announce Cinematic Rooms...

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Avatar for dr.sound
dr.sound 5 hours ago
Avatar for dirtROBOT

Just looking for a good all-rounder for magical effects, like spells, ambiences etc. Cheers,

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dirtROBOT 9 hours ago
Avatar for Sanchez

Hi, I've been recording VO for myself and others at home in a reasonably well-treated room, some nice enough gear then processing...

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Sanchez 18 hours ago
Avatar for pettah93

Hi! I always aim for -15LUFS for everything going to Youtube/Web. But I just got a message that my mix was to hot and denied by...

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Avatar for seanmccoy
seanmccoy 1 day ago
Avatar for subbasshead

Hope its ok to start such a thread but hopefully people can add to it as new sound FX libraries are released... I know a few...

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Avatar for flysound
flysound 1 day ago
Avatar for sm5

I've been waiting over a year for dolby production suite for windows. Buying an overpriced Mac Pro for one program and...

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Avatar for krabbencutter
krabbencutter 1 day ago
Avatar for floyd atema

Does anyone know what causes this lovely crunchy mid range dialog sound? It's most obvious on male dialog. Is it a creative...

floyd atema
replies: 175 views: 17,847
Avatar for Audiograce
Audiograce 3 days ago
Avatar for kiddius

The short article about what plug-ins processing we do apply to Foley. Hopefully, it will help to somebody. Please share your...

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Avatar for kiddius
kiddius 4 days ago
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Avatar for TheMuffinMan01
TheMuffinMan01 4 days ago
Avatar for _tweak_

What do you think of replicated designs of sound effects in commercial libraries? Recently I have seen more and more sound...

replies: 2 views: 532
Avatar for _tweak_
_tweak_ 5 days ago
Avatar for srheiss

This episode of Mythic Quest airs today and was captured completely on iPhones (picture AND sound). It turned out pretty...

replies: 4 views: 589
Avatar for TVPostSound
TVPostSound 5 days ago
Avatar for Vsevolod777

Good day! I searched for the appropriate topic in this section, but did not find it. Share your experience using Transient...

replies: 14 views: 1,805
Avatar for brandoncross
brandoncross 5 days ago
Avatar for aand

Want to learn how to create futuristic robotic and mech sound effects? Check out this sound design tutorial by Chase...

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Avatar for aand
aand 6 days ago
Avatar for Synthbrass

Hello, I'm a young composer and audio engineer interested in pursuing a career in composition and audio post production for...

replies: 13 views: 1,233
Avatar for huub
huub 6 days ago
Avatar for E Baxter Put

Is anyone able to run Cedar DNS One AAX plugin with Catalina? I know it says that it isn't supported, but I wasn't sure if it was...

E Baxter Put
replies: 9 views: 784
Avatar for TVPostSound
TVPostSound 1 week ago
Avatar for mc2600

Hi, Here's the outcome --- I need to regularly do long-form narration (think podcasts, radio shows w/o an engineer on the...

replies: 3 views: 581
Avatar for Airon
Airon 1 week ago
Avatar for lgabor

Hello to Everyone, just setting up a room with a 7.1.4 setup with Adam speakers and an Adam sub. I set up the sub as the front...

replies: 10 views: 623
Avatar for Garret
Garret 1 week ago
Avatar for iluvcapra

Kindof obscure subject- is there a plugin for simulating a pre-Dolby sound optical? Not just the pops or scratches but also the...

replies: 6 views: 744
Avatar for Branko
Branko 1 week ago
Avatar for quadraphonics

Hello All, Is there a simpli(ish) way to use a connected iPad as an audio monitor source in Pro Tools without too much work?...

replies: 13 views: 1,730
Avatar for Mundox
Mundox 1 week ago
Avatar for Suite Surround

This post is about killing 2 birds with one stone. I feel that Protools fixed internal bus structure is a huge roadblock when...

Suite Surround
replies: 9 views: 632
Avatar for Suite Surround
Suite Surround 1 week ago
Avatar for Leon88

Hey guys just wonder what other plugins offer a true linear crossfade, so far the only one i've found to do it properly is Bob...

replies: 1 views: 343
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe
Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
Avatar for philper

I'm trying to help a now-retired client dispose of several long-form multicam series worth of Betacam and Digibeta tapes that he...

replies: 1 views: 323
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe
Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
Avatar for torpor

Hello, I'm new to Nuendo and I'm looking for essential automation functions but I don't find them in the manual. I'd be...

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Avatar for mattiasnyc
mattiasnyc 1 week ago
Avatar for siniarch

I know the industry standard is ProTools, but I also want to use Reaper which I'm really fond of. Therefore, I've been looking...

replies: 11 views: 1,217
Avatar for siniarch
siniarch 1 week ago
Avatar for blindsidejamie

hi all, I mostly work out of a facility doing post editorial (DX, ADR Spotting, FX, and FOL) however sometimes I take work...

replies: 1 views: 407
Avatar for E Baxter Put
E Baxter Put 1 week ago
Avatar for postprosound

Good morning fellow Post-folk, I'm looking at the 2 exponential audio verbs, Stratus and Symphony. listening, they both seem...

replies: 25 views: 3,585
Avatar for sm5
sm5 1 week ago
Avatar for dr.sound

Here's Avid's response to the NEW Mac Pro: Avid “Avid’s Pro Tools team is blown away by the unprecedented processing power...

replies: 67 views: 7,098
Avatar for pentagon
pentagon 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Ronski

Hi! I´m searching for a gain rider plugin for a LUFS target level. What would you recommend? 1. Waves Playlist rider 2....

replies: 11 views: 1,014
Avatar for Ronski
Ronski 2 weeks ago
Avatar for georgia

Hi, Just thought I'd add this one for anyone with specific questions I can help with. I've posted some misc stuff I've written...

replies: 255 views: 229,676
Avatar for jimj3114
jimj3114 2 weeks ago
Avatar for NReichman

I've been mixing in Dolby Atmos at some nice NY studios, but my home studio is still only 5.1/Dolby Atmos Production Suite. I've...

replies: 25 views: 2,243
Avatar for mh_bj
mh_bj 2 weeks ago
Avatar for STJU

Hello fellow musicians, mixers and all audio enthusiasts, We are currently doing some investigation about surround panning for...

replies: 2 views: 512
Avatar for Schmanuel
Schmanuel 2 weeks ago
replies: 4 views: 589
Avatar for Gideon K
Gideon K 2 weeks ago
Avatar for devnull

I recently got inspired to look into what it might take to set up a 5.1 mix environment and went into a rather deep rabbit hole....

replies: 8 views: 893
Avatar for siniarch
siniarch 2 weeks ago
Avatar for HangArt

Hi, I need some help. I would like to make some dubbing work for a film. I use Pro Tools 9 HD. What do I need to make the...

replies: 6 views: 2,321
Avatar for aaron11432
aaron11432 2 weeks ago
Avatar for p35inc

Hi all, I just purchased the Clarity M for surround metering and I'm using it in Plug In Mode which works amazingly well! Is...

replies: 1 views: 497
Avatar for Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac 2 weeks ago
Avatar for 6foot4design

Afternoon all. We have a 7.1.4 Atmos mix room up here, that we mainly use for mixing episodic, dramatic projects in Canada. I'm...

replies: 34 views: 3,314
Avatar for jhg
jhg 3 weeks ago
Avatar for p35inc

Hi all, I’m looking to upgrade my 5.1 monitoring system and I’m looking for suggestions. I’d prefer to keep the budget...

replies: 2 views: 475
Avatar for philper
philper 3 weeks ago
Avatar for vallaton

Hi! I'm new to powerful metadata applications and trying to set up my sample libraries. Most libraries provide a metadata pdf...

replies: 2 views: 417
Avatar for vallaton
vallaton 3 weeks ago
Avatar for breaktheory

Since the grabber tool doesn't seem to work on folders has anyone figured out a way to do conforms (just using DX gds) on closed...

replies: 1 views: 404
Avatar for iluvcapra
iluvcapra 3 weeks ago
Avatar for breaktheory

Has anyone experienced this...when I hit stop, PT rewinds by 2 frames...I've tried this with video on and offline and always - 2...

replies: 0 views: 296
Avatar for breaktheory
breaktheory 3 weeks ago
Avatar for mattiasnyc

It's what you think it is. Talent is stuck at home because of Covid and needs to record narration. The production company sent...

replies: 11 views: 575
Avatar for bru95bg
bru95bg 3 weeks ago
Avatar for iluvcapra

Just out of curiosity, anyone tried to us an S3/S6 with vinyl gloves?

replies: 10 views: 637
Avatar for apple-q
apple-q 3 weeks ago
Avatar for mverta

I have a legacy system which needed reinstalling/rebuilding (don't ask). Avid has tried to send me an installer/plug-in for the...

replies: 2 views: 854
Avatar for Firechild
Firechild 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Dragomir

I found this on the New Product Alert. Eventhough it’s targeted for music mixing, I find it well suited for post...

replies: 3 views: 1,859
Avatar for David Carlyon
David Carlyon 3 weeks ago
Avatar for pisser

I have a 4 x 1 hr doc tv series coming up and need to playback the 5.1 mix from my studio in Vancouver to a studio in LA. Will...

replies: 4 views: 611
Avatar for Henchman
Henchman 3 weeks ago


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