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This post should serve as a little guide to the resources available on-line on the topic of audio levels in different media. It...

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iluvcapra 4th November 2019
Avatar for Brent_in_Sydney

It seems like we get questions about how to mix for film/tv a lot in here, funny that. The most common misunderstanding I see is...

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Pantone 7th August 2019
Avatar for charles maynes

perhaps this could be a sticky- I have noticed on a number of threads here that there is some inconstant usage of terms...

charles maynes
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saemola 15th August 2016
Avatar for dr.sound

The New Mac Pro Can Be Ordered starting Dec...

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Avatar for Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac 1 hour ago
Avatar for Dan Smith

Today JBL officially announced they finally are making the 7 series monitors in a powered version. Available as the 705P or the...

Dan Smith
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pentagon 5 hours ago
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

Just wondering how many here are now using Nuendo for their work DAW vs ProTools?

Thomas W. Bethe
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kosmokrator 6 hours ago
Avatar for workstation15

Where does one learn all about NUENDO? I am aware of many Cubase learning resources. However, I would greatly appreciate it if...

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spiderman 10 hours ago
Avatar for Travelers

Any recommendations for Phoenix or Tucson? Thanks!!!

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Travelers 17 hours ago
Avatar for Dragomir

I found this on the New Product Alert. Eventhough it’s targeted for music mixing, I find it well suited for post...

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Dragomir 18 hours ago
Avatar for basehead617

Does anybody know a Bay Area studio (post or otherwise) that has an Avid S6 where I could rent the room for a few hours to work...

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philper 21 hours ago
Avatar for subbasshead

Hope its ok to start such a thread but hopefully people can add to it as new sound FX libraries are released... I know a few...

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evs 23 hours ago
Avatar for mahoobley

Creating some four channel (quad) ambience sounds for a game I'm working on, however somewhat lacking in the source material - I...

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mgoorevich 1 day ago
Avatar for bgraf

Hey there, First of all, I am pretty new to the world of audio plugin development. However I have a passion for both audio...

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bgraf 2 days ago
Avatar for Badaboom

I currently own a 5.1 LSR 6328p + 6312P sub. My new room dimension is 22' (L) x 11' (W) x 7.5' (H). I intend to invest in a HT...

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Avatar for dr.sound
dr.sound 2 days ago
Avatar for Jamie Mac

Saw this pop up just...

Jamie Mac
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Avatar for ~ufo~
~ufo~ 3 days ago
Avatar for mgoorevich

I searched for few previous posts here but still feel I can ask for another advise:-) I need a medium size 5.1 mixing stage in...

replies: 17 views: 1,101
Avatar for NReichman
NReichman 3 days ago
Avatar for dr.sound

A few things.. When we mix we build trust with the client. Most clients don’t know the Ins and outs of Sound Mixing to...

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Avatar for Leverson
Leverson 4 days ago
Avatar for adamscriv

I need to pan multichannel tracks in ProTools, for which Spanner is pretty much the perfect tool, but, it's one of the few...

replies: 17 views: 1,612
Avatar for Andrew Mottl
Andrew Mottl 4 days ago
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe

Please see FWIW

Thomas W. Bethe
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Avatar for floyd atema
floyd atema 5 days ago
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Avatar for zinzin
zinzin 6 days ago
Avatar for seanmccoy

Hey, all. Avid's offering this plug at an attractive price, but I'm wondering if anybody who's compared it to our many other...

replies: 14 views: 2,003
Avatar for nat0101
nat0101 6 days ago
Avatar for tha_lode

Hi guys. I have a weird issue with my 5.1 JBL setup. The speakers seem to be missing phantom center. When playing a mono...

replies: 7 views: 896
Avatar for tha_lode
tha_lode 1 week ago
Avatar for nucelar

Pretty impressive development pace from Blackmagic... and they seem to know what they're...

replies: 93 views: 8,161
Avatar for matt82aust
matt82aust 1 week ago
Avatar for soundandpicture

Hello there, I've been doing post sound from my own 5.1 mix room for about 6 years now, working at a post facility for a few...

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Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe
Thomas W. Bethe 1 week ago
Avatar for kosmokrator

Hey, question to everyone with a hardware RMU/renderer. Can you be sure that the .atmos is perfectly sync to picture? The...

replies: 21 views: 1,625
Avatar for huub
huub 1 week ago
Avatar for Vsevolod777

Good day! I searched for the appropriate topic in this section, but did not find it. Share your experience using Transient...

replies: 12 views: 1,026
Avatar for Ovee
Ovee 1 week ago
Avatar for Invisibleflash

I've been using Movavi conversion software to convert DVD to MP4. The video edits start out fine but gradually get more and more...

replies: 1 views: 366
Avatar for Jeff Hayat
Jeff Hayat 1 week ago
Avatar for speakerfood

Hi, I'm not new to mixing, but fairly new to mixing larger projects, like full length documentary's or movies, and I need some...

replies: 12 views: 728
Avatar for Andrew Mottl
Andrew Mottl 1 week ago
Avatar for pisser

Looking for an ADR studio in Vienna or area for an upcoming ABC series, any recommends? Will need ISDN or Source Connect to LA...

replies: 5 views: 1,402
Avatar for DaVogi
DaVogi 2 weeks ago
Avatar for echoRausch

Recently I got an old TC electronic DB-8 (the old, original "MK1"). The frame was delivered with frame and dsp version...

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Avatar for echoRausch
echoRausch 2 weeks ago
Avatar for ManuG

Looking for sound recordist in Pakistan for feature film. Also looking to buy sound libraries (nature, voices) Please reply here...

replies: 1 views: 403
Avatar for DoctorSonic
DoctorSonic 2 weeks ago
Avatar for ptfigg

Totally impressed with the quality of this Lexicon MPX Native verb plugin. It's one of the most well designed plugins that I've...

replies: 13 views: 6,784
Avatar for user i477533222
user i477533222 2 weeks ago
Avatar for KickingSnares

Let's start a thread of this year's Black Friday deals! We invite everyone to share what they're selling/buying :) Here at...

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Avatar for KickingSnares
KickingSnares 2 weeks ago
Avatar for cinetj

Hi everyone, I've recently received the material of an indie film. Beforehand I've asked the picture editor to export an AAF...

replies: 7 views: 1,595
Avatar for Andrew Mottl
Andrew Mottl 2 weeks ago
Avatar for LDStudios

Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the world of video tech, and am having some slightly peculiar issues on my Pro Tools HDX...

replies: 54 views: 2,599
Avatar for LDStudios
LDStudios 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Dissio

Hello guys, *if link doesnt work properly, it starts...

replies: 2 views: 496
Avatar for Papanate
Papanate 2 weeks ago
Avatar for G. House Brown

Hi guys! Is my first time in this forum and i would like to know about plugins better than cla 76. I'm my opinion this like...

G. House Brown
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Avatar for G. House Brown
G. House Brown 2 weeks ago
Avatar for bill5

Would like to hear from someone who's done this or in the process. I went to and did some reading. I'm...

replies: 32 views: 1,041
Avatar for Noisewagon
Noisewagon 2 weeks ago
Avatar for skillbard

Hey all, tl;dr: Any problems mixing Genelec 8040s with 8010s in a 5.1 setup? Soz if this has been asked before,...

replies: 3 views: 548
Avatar for skillbard
skillbard 2 weeks ago
Avatar for Stieglitz

Hi, Does anybody know if iphone 4 ringtones are copyrighted for use in a fiction feature film ? I mean a character has an...

replies: 12 views: 18,135
Avatar for saracovar
saracovar 3 weeks ago
Avatar for SizMixing

Hi guys I'm having trouble trying to do a "save copy in" in pro tools, the progress bar gets stuck at the end and...

replies: 5 views: 875
Avatar for Cuchillito
Cuchillito 3 weeks ago
Avatar for kronos78

I'm working on an 5.1 upmix project for an older TV show for release onto blu-ray. The materials are delivered in LtRt. I want to...

replies: 15 views: 3,598
Avatar for neilwilkes
neilwilkes 3 weeks ago
Avatar for bill5

Someone I know recorded an album at a studio. They are willing to give him MP3s of his stuff, but said they would charge extra...

replies: 5 views: 617
Avatar for Jay Rose
Jay Rose 3 weeks ago
Avatar for LDStudios

No affiliation, but I do hug my iZotope plugins every night. PSE are giving away a copy of PT Ultimate, Izotope PPS, some Krotos...

replies: 1 views: 502
Avatar for Colourdotz
Colourdotz 3 weeks ago
Avatar for stringz23

Hello, was wondering if anyone can take a listen to the following clip and give their opinion as to whether or not it can be...

replies: 11 views: 1,085
Avatar for apple-q
apple-q 3 weeks ago
Avatar for shock

I'm looking for a Iran / Teheran sound library (backgrounds) or a local recordist. Anyone know of anything? Thanks!

replies: 9 views: 2,163
Avatar for eoats
eoats 3 weeks ago
Avatar for HoPMiX

Any MTRX s6 guys out there? I posted this on DUC but no traction. I have just added a MTRX to my set up. Its a trashcan 12...

replies: 10 views: 719
Avatar for thierryd
thierryd 3 weeks ago
Avatar for cvj

Can anybody with experience with both mics please tell me how the CSS-5 in mono mode compares to the CS3e? There doesn't seem to...

replies: 3 views: 589
Avatar for Farhoof
Farhoof 3 weeks ago
Avatar for dr.sound

Here's Avid's response to the NEW Mac Pro: Avid “Avid’s Pro Tools team is blown away by the unprecedented processing power...

replies: 60 views: 5,207
Avatar for jason kalman
jason kalman 3 weeks ago
Avatar for FullFrequency

Hi guys, I'm in the fortunate position to be able to sit on a DFC over the next few weeks under no pressure "on the...

replies: 29 views: 5,425
Avatar for midiyuga
midiyuga 3 weeks ago
Avatar for SDB_12

Hi, So I mixed a 45 minute documentary last month, did the stereo mix in Pro Tools, all is well...everyone was happy. Got a...

replies: 9 views: 986
Avatar for Airon
Airon 3 weeks ago
Avatar for floyd atema

Does anyone know what causes this lovely crunchy mid range dialog sound? It's most obvious on male dialog. Is it a creative...

floyd atema
replies: 138 views: 11,415
Avatar for Thomas W. Bethe
Thomas W. Bethe 3 weeks ago
Avatar for Krotos

Have a watch of this video: From the tyre skids,...

replies: 0 views: 579
Avatar for Krotos
Krotos 3 weeks ago


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