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Hi all,
I admit I'm quite overwhelmed with the vast range of projector brands and models available.
I've been browsing the websites of reputable brands, Panasonic, JVC, Optoma, Epson, etc. but the marketing material seems primarily focused on Home theater or business applications.
My application would be mixing for HD video and indy features. I'm using a large LCD atm.

The particular room is 5m x 8 m, the perf screen is approx 4m wide and the projector would be at a distance of 8 m, more or less over the mixing position at a distance of 3m. Room with dim lights.
Primary factors would be picture quality (but not to the level of color grading and such), noise level, ease of maintenance, no 3D stuff if possible.
Any guidance would be appreciated, with regard to particular models, things to avoid, etc. Almost forgot: I'd rather not spend more than 2500-3000€

Old 28th June 2013
If I read your distances right, it sounds like you are going to throw 8 M (24ft)? That's at the upper end of what typical Home Theatre projectors are capable of, but with room light control, it's doable. I'm partial to D-ILA projectors (JVC) as they have a great image, superior blacks without using an iris, are quiet and reasonably bright.
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